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For their 15th birthday, Google brings us “Hummingbird”

In celebration of the company’s 15th anniversary, Google introduced a new algorithm for their search engine. Amit Singhal, the Google Search Senior VP described it as “precise and fast”. Hence, the name “Hummingbird”. According to Singhal, the update improves all queries and it can answer the long complex searches and questions better. The algorithm can […]

google seo

How would Google Glass change the SEO game?

    Now, since SEO or Search Engine Optimization is – as of this writing – the process of affecting how a website or webpage will rank in search engines every time it is searched, a device that apparently does away with websites altogether is downright threatening. It can be one of the biggest game […]

Gadgets of the 80s

CMS IT Goes Down the Memory Lane: Reminiscing Gadgets from the 80’s

1980 is a year when our science and technology discoveries and inventions have flourished, and until now, these inventions are being enjoyed, ie. cellphones, computers, and certain gaming consoles. CMS IT welcomes you to join us as we go down the memory lane, and relive the old days using the gadgets that we had from […]


Microsoft Windows 8.1 sees the return of the Start Button

Microsoft Windows 8.1 sees the return of the “Start Button” and adds a more intuitive interface directed as tablet and mobile devices. As an IT service provider we are always keeping an eye on the latest technology releases and software updates so we can keep you ahead of the game. Microsoft have often been known […]

watch guard

WatchGuard Announces Fireware XTM and WSM 11.7.3

Available for All XTM Appliances (Except XTM 21/22/23) WatchGuard is pleased to announce the release of Fireware XTM v11.7.3 and WatchGuard System Manager v11.7.3. This maintenance release includes a large number of bugfixes and some enhancements. For full information on the issues fixed in v11.7.3, see the Resolved Issues section of the Release Notes. Enhancements […]


Samsung S4: Quad-Core or Octa-Core?

I finally got my Samsung Galaxy S4 today, thanks to Adam for following it up. Basically here are some things I’ve learnt: There are two models, i9500 and i9505 The i9505 is the one released in Australia (one you can buy from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone and other major phone outlets) this is a Quad […]

What is Network Security?

Network security prevents spam, viruses, and malwares, and monitors unauthorised access to your computer network. As a business, you need to make it as hard as possible for breaches to occur. CMS IT offers one of the leading network security solutions: WatchGuard. WatchGuard is one of the most fully integrated, multifaceted network threat protection systems […]

What is Hardware and Software Procurement?

CMS IT can help you with all your hardware and software procurement needs. With over 15 years in the industry and established premium partnerships with the world’s leading IT distributors, CMS IT can not only make your procuring easier, but can also save you time and money by giving you the right product advice in […]

What is IP Surveillance?

Securing your premises, maintaining staff safety and even undertaking forensic surveillance are essential business practices. Imagine checking in to see what is happening back at the office while you are overseas or even just at home? Imagine the peace of mind you would enjoy? Using IP surveillance images of your premises are at your fingertips […]

What is Disaster Recovery?

Outages, earthquakes, floods, fires, hacks – the treats to businesses are ever-present and seems to be growing. Blame it on global warming, blame it on globalisation. Whatever the reason don’t allow your customers and staff to blame it on you when disaster strikes. Every business, large and small, needs a disaster recovery plan. When it […]

What is Digital Forensics?

There may come a time in your business that you suspect fraud, laundering, information leaks, IP theft or any one of a number of malicious activities. If that time has come, it is time to investigate. If that time hasn’t yet arrived, it may be time to put in place systems to identify and mitigate […]

What is Network Support and Maintenance?

A network is in itself, a significant business investment; however it doesn’t stop there. Every network needs constant support and maintenance to avoid downtime; and quality support and maintenance needs a highly-trained team of experts. Having access to an IT department for network support and maintenance is an expensive overhead for any business to burden. […]

What is Desktop Virtualisation?

Free up your IT departments time by dramatically reducing desktop support and resource-intensive software roll-outs with CMS IT’ Australia’s desktop virtualisation.  Desktop virtualisation is a thin client architecture that allows users’ applications and even their operating system to run from a centralised server. Imagine how streamlined your software updates become, imagine the reduction in help […]

What is Full Managed IT Service Support?

These days, if you want your business to consistently run like a well-oiled machine without spending an excessive amount of money, you need to consider going the Managed IT Services route. CMS IT provides the most comprehensive Managed IT Services in the market today.  Our team of experts and highly skilled IT staff can take […]

What is Virtualisation?

Have you ever wished you could free up your IT department from spending so much time on managing servers, software and desktops?  Perhaps you’ve even considered reducing your IT overheads. Virtualisation can be the answer allowing you to get more out of existing resources, gain flexibility, reliability and even reduce costs. CMS IT can provide: […]

What is Server Virtualisation Services?

Server virtualisation allows you to consolidate your servers, freeing up resources, improving flexibility and potentially reducing costs. Its the perfect solution for hosting legacy operating systems, evaluating software, simplifying testing, even improving redundancy. CMS IT has had experience with VMWARE ESX, ESXi, for a decade now and can customise the right solution for your budget. From […]

What is Server Support & Maintenance?

Support when you need it is critical. Maintenance is unavoidable. CMS IT has the experience to support the following Network Operating Environments: Windows 2003, 2008 Server SBS 2003, 2008 and 2011 Server Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 Server Linux Red Hat Enterprise VMWARE ESX/ESXi and VSPHERE 4.x VMWARE High Availability using VMOTION cluster solutions HP […]

What is Cloud Hosting Solutions?

There are so many reasons to “take it to the cloud”. Cloud computing isn’t just the latest business catch-cry. It offers very real benefits like mobility, cost-savings, productivity and ease of management. At CMS IT, we take cloud hosting solutions seriously including all the benefits that they can offer to both small-to-medium enterprises and larger […]

What is Cabling and installation?

Cabling and installation includes site inspection, mounting brackets and wirings, assembling and programming equipment. Taking into account your business goals, our licensed electricians and qualified networking engineers at CMS IT Australia will design, supply, install and maintain an electrical or data solution that covers all your unique requirements. From installing security or fire systems to […]

What is IP Telephony/PABX Solutions?

In this tough financial climate are you on the constant lookout to minimise expenses? Imagine being able to reduce your telephone bills and improve communications with one simple solution. IP Telephony is that solution. CMS IT can advise and implement an IP Phone system to meet your specific requirements. If your business needs a PABX […]

What is IT Support?

As your business grows, your IT support and other IT&T requirements change. You want to work faster, leaner, smarter. You need simplicity, automation, systems that work and support for a growing staff and client-base. CMS IT can take over your entire IT support and infrastructure needs by providing procurement services, helpdesk and remote support, onsite […]

What is Managed IT Security Services?

Using the latest WatchGuard XTM network Security Appliances CMS IT can provide you with an end to end managed firewall solution for your organisation. We can take out the headache from you and safeguard your entire network from security breaches and reduce all the possible risk that a would-be attacker can provide. Our Managed IT […]

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