IT Managed Services News For Darwn Businesses

Having your enterprise protected and supported by a trusty IT managed services team in Darwin means business proprietors and staff can perform duties better because their business computers and gadgets are in top shape.

Some small business owners think that hiring an IT managed services team for their Darwin business is not a necessity since he or she knows how to download and install anti-virus or anti-malware programs but there is so much more to it if you want to keep your business safe from cyber attackers. Enterprises with dependable IT managed services staff need not fret about computer issues because if anything goes wrong, the IT managed services group in Darwin can promptly fix business computers and recover valuable business data.

Nobody wants to have computer problems to slow down business productivity, so everyone must do their part in trying to prevent  down times or breaches that are often caused by human error so it is best to stay updated with everything that is happening in the digital scene. Here’s the latest digital world news that you and your IT managed services team in Darwin should know.


Lenovo Patches To PC Tool Flaws

Lenovo recently released two patches to two vulnerabilities that are considered high in severity affecting the preinstalled tools  of the Solution Center of their desktops and laptop computers. If your business uses Lenovo computers then your IT managed services team in Darwin should immediately do updates and download the patches to fix these concerns. The flaws that were mentioned could be a way for cyber attackers to take over the Lenovo computers and deactivate the installed antivirus processes which could lead to more problems for you and your IT managed services group in Darwin to repair.

Your IT managed support team in Darwin surely knows that the Solution Center in Lenovo computers lets users check the firewall and virus status of their systems, do backups, update the Lenovo software, retrieve warranty and registration information, check for battery health, and run tests for the hardware. The two newly found vulnerabilities were discovered by Trustwave security researches and were listed as CVE 2016 5248 and CVE 2016 5429 in the vulnerabilities database. Versions 3.3.002 and earlier versions are affected by these two LSC susceptibilities.

CVE 2016 5249 susceptibility lets cyber attackers who may already have gained access on a limited account on the computer, and lets them execute a malicious code through the privileged account in the local system. Although escalation flaws similar to these will not let attackers take full control of compromised computers, it could lead to further exploit chains where malware and trojans are downloaded onto the affected computers. That will prove to be disastrous for your business machines and your IT managed services group in Darwin because they would have to disconnect the infected machines off the network to fix the affected machines or take your whole system off the network to prevent further infection and problems. It could take your IT managed services team in Darwin days to clean and update all the infected machines so that will surely affect business production and profits.

The other susceptibility CVE 2016 5248 lets local users to send commands to the LSC to kill processes that are running in the systems, whether privileged or not. The process , for example, could belong to the antivirus or security program. If the security programs are disabled then your IT managed services team in Darwin would not be able to immediately notice that there are suspicious activity in the machines and the network.

Lenovo advised their users to upgrade to the 3.3.003 version of the LSC which can be updated from the automatic updates prompt of the application itself while the computer is online. It can also be done via the Lenovo System Update separate utility and your IT managed services team in Darwin can manually download the LSC version. This method could be used for updating computers that are not connected to the network.

This is not the very first serious flaw found in Lenovo’s LSC but the company is quite adept in responding quickly and resolving issues with security patches and releasing security advisories in a timely manner. There was a recent study and security analysis of preloaded computer update tools of different PC manufacturers and Lenovo’s LSC was declared to be one of the top in the list of those that have secure implementations.