Moving to the Cloud with Office 365

Minimise Your Physical Infrastructure And Reduce Your IT Overheads

Migrating To Office 365

Minimise your physical infrastructure and reduce your IT overheads by virtualizing your whole
IT Department, or sections of it. How you want it done is totally up to you and we can customize our packages to suit your business.

It’s time to take your business to the next level – the Cloud level. More and more business owners are seeing the potential for increased productivity and efficiency by moving to the Cloud and the best place to start is with Office 365.

What is Office 365? According to Microsoft, Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications such as Word and Excel plus other productivity services such as Exchange Online hosted email for business that are enabled over the Internet or the cloud. The Office 365 Suite will not be available on discs and requires to be downloaded. Additionally, the office suite is set up to save your documents directly to the cloud, SkyDrive to be exact if that’s your preference. However, you do still have the option to save your files locally.

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What makes Office 365 Different from Office 2013? If you’re currently using Office 2013 and want to be able to compare it with Office 365, here are a few salient points of comparison:

  • Office 2013 is available for purchase whilst Office 365, considered a software as a service (SaaS) application, is essentially rented on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Office 2013 is still on a one license-one machine or “fixed installation” system whilst Office 365 can be installed to up to 5 different devices per license.
  • Office 365 significantly reduces the cost of providing applications to a larger number of users.
  • Office 2013 can receive patches, fixes and upgrades until end of support or a newer version is released.
  • With Office 365, it can receive the same fixes and upgrades however, once a newer version is released, Office 365 will upgrade to the newer version.

What impact does Office 365 have on businesses?

Working with Office 365 effectively removes most of the limitations that came with the previous Office applications. Since Office 365 is a web-based computing service, information storage, computation and software are located and managed remotely on servers owned by Microsoft. This means you can access your information from virtually anywhere, on any device with a working Internet connection. Other benefits of working on the cloud with Office 365 are:

  • The ability to install Office on up to five devices which includes both Windows machines and Macs depending on your subscription package.
  • The ability to work with Office applications on a touchscreen device running on Windows 8 and higher.
  • The ability to manage and control all business and customer information
  • The ability to access, change and deploy saved documents, spreadsheets and other business forms whenever needed.
  • The ability to allow workforces to work remotely without compromising information security.

CMS Information Technology has helped numerous businesses move to the cloud with Office 365. We will be with you every step of the migration process and help you understand how you can maximize Office 365 to its fullest capabilities. Furthermore, we are always available to address any issues, facilitate concerns and troubleshoot difficulties that you could potentially encounter.

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