Virtualization Services

Minimise Your Physical Infrastructure And Reduce Your IT Overheads

Virtualization Services

Minimise your physical infrastructure and reduce your IT overheads by virtualizing your whole
IT Department, or sections of it. How you want it done is totally up to you and we can customize our
packages to suit your business.


We will consolidate your servers, free up your resources, improve flexibility and potentially reduce costs. Our experience with VMWARE ESX, ESXi for the best part of 10 years enables us to customize the right solution for your business on a budget. From very cost-effective active/passive local and remote replication solutions to high-availability clusters using EMC technology with VMOTION.


Application virtualization frees you from your operating system. This means improved mobility, increased reliability and probable cost reduction. If you are part of a larger organisation, you know the headache of tracking software licenses, rolling out new operating systems, making applications mobile and the constant bother of application conflicts. Application virtualisation simplifies your application management, making all of this easy.


Free up your IT department's time by dramatically reducing desktop support and resource-intensive software roll-outs with CMS IT Australia’s desktop virtualisation. Desktop virtualisation is a thin client architecture that allows users’ applications and even their operating system to run from a centralised server. We have rolled out thousands of virtual desktops using VMWARE ACE, PCoIP and Teradici protocol to provide you with “perception-free” thin/zero client computing experience.

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