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Official Partner and Reseller of 3CX 

CMSIT is an official partner and reseller of 3CX, a software-based, open standards IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications, out of the box.  CMSIT brings this powerful VoIP phone solution to businesses not only in Sydney but across Australia. Make a smart investment by moving to 3CX phone system and see your business achieve results through improved agent productivity, faster response times, better collaboration, reduced communication costs, and so much more. Get in touch with us to find out how you can get 3CX today. 


CMSIT is focused on delivering business solutions which are scalable to match your business’ speed. 3CX is the right solution as you switch from traditional lines to VoIP Phone. CMSIT carries this fantastic solution and provides end-to-end support to meet your business right where you are. Whether you’re a small business making moves to improve efficiency and cut your communication costs, or a large corporation recognizing the need to improve response times and inter-department and external communications with partners, CMSIT offering 3CX as a VoIP Phone System gets you the best-in-class solution at the right time. 

Cost-saving Solution Implemented Fast

Efficient systems are vital to reducing business costs to achieve optimal profits. 3CX is a leading solution for VoIP phone that can significantly reduce your communication costs. CMSIT’s expertise in Network, IT, and Telephony solutions makes transitioning from your Plain Old Telephone Service to a VoIP phone system easy and hassle-free. CMSIT’s end-to-end IT services, from consultation to set-up and support, makes implementing this solution fast and simple. 


The logic is simple – if you already have internet connection in the office, the switch over to VoIP offers so many features that beats the old telephone system.

Since 3CX is software-based and multi-platform, installing the IP PBX on-premise can be done by using Hyper-V, VMware or KVM. One other option for on-premise set-up is to install on a low-cost Mini PC. If you decide to deploy it in the cloud instead, 3CX can be launched on any Linux VPS using the PBX Express Tool. Its flexibility and compatibility with both on-premise and cloud set-up makes it easy for you to stay in control of your PBX system. 

Businesses can continue to maximize current IP Phones since 3CX allows you to simply plug and play. 3CX provides easy configuration templates for supported IP Phones, SIP Trunks, and Getaways. The best part is CMSIT looks after this process and provides top of the line support for installation and management. With a management console, you stay on top of all your IP and soft phones. Update and deploy firmware across all phones in your 3CX system with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

With business systems revolving around Customer Relationship Management tools, having simple but vital features such as Click2Call and CRM integrations are crucial to stay efficient. Waste no time with the Chrome and Firefox Extension allowing you to directly dial through your soft phones with just a few clicks. 3CX lets you navigate between your CRM and other systems and tools seamlessly without missing a beat. 

3CX’s modern and intuitive soft phone gets any user swift access to crucial business tools such as fax, voicemail, email, instant messaging, web conferencing, and more. With IT Support provided by CMSIT, getting these tools to work seamlessly for your team on the ground will be a comfortable process. Making technology work to your advantage boosts productivity and supports the growth your business is aiming for. 


Your Office Extension Right in Your Pocket

3CX Android and iOS Apps

Never miss important calls wherever you may be. With acclaimed Android and iOS VoIP Apps making it easy to install the 3CX system on your mobile, you can keep your personal mobile details “personal” and carry your official work extension on your mobile anywhere. You can now answer calls to your office extension through your mobile, and, if needed, transfer calls to colleagues without having to ask the caller to dial another number. 3CX’s user-friendly mobile app interface allows any user in the organization to adopt this technology quickly and integrate it into their work style and processes in an instant.

Proactive Support from 3CX Partner

CMSITs proactive support processes are put in place to give swift and effective resolution for all your queries. All concerns regarding your VoIP phone system are to be handled with professional care by CMSIT as an Official 3CX partner, ensuring full operational guidance and technical assistance are provided without delay. Talk to CMSIT to experience 3CX for your business.

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