Guide Notes in Setting Up the Company Content Management System for Sharepoint: Part 2

In the last article we published, we talked about the first two collaboration questions to consider when teams across the organization start planning and drafting their content structure for Sharepoint.  In this article, we look at the people outside the owner of the files and how the owner collaborates with these people at work.   In this […]


Guide Notes In Setting Up The Company Content Management System for Sharepoint: Part 1

  Companies are slowly moving to the cloud, and Microsoft’s Sharepoint continues to soar as a preferred collaboration system in the cloud for many medium to large organizations. One of the common challenges faced by companies once they’ve migrated over to the cloud is educating their workforce on the best practices within Sharepoint when it comes to managing the documents […]

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Discovering IT Needs for Changes in the Organization

Changes in IT always require some form of investment. For small and medium-sized businesses, this investment always has a bigger impact on their budget and usually takes a cut on other spending. Unfortunately, not all businesses are able to maximize such investments due to human behaviors and ways of adapting to new technologies.   Without understanding the requirements of […]


Benefits of Cyber Security for Startups

As the Australian startup community continues to grow, data-driven organizations are being threatened by cyber attacks, which continue to expose vulnerabilities for small and growing companies. As more and more companies learn how to protect their business from such threats, knowledge is spreading and founders are learning. But many learn their lessons the hard way, […]

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The Future Of Your Startup With Managed IT Security

Today, some of the most immediate threats to Startup Operations are not only focused on physical infrastructure, damage to assets, or unmanaged liabilities. The most immediate and costly threats lie in the mishandling of digital and online assets. So how can startups secure their future by resorting to managed IT Security and outsourcing such an […]

The Switch from G Suite to Office 365 for Small Businesses

For small business owners, one of the most challenging operational problem to address is adjusting resources, systems, and processes to the growing demand of existing clients and potential clients. This is more commonly called scalability issues, or problems encountered as the company increases its scale, coverage, and size. Unlike the first industrial revolution where much […]

Sharepoint “News” Web Part – Delivering Management Message at the Right Time

One of many company management’s challenges is delivering key messages down to the middle managers and staff in the most efficient and effective manner. Many companies still go through the pains of printing out memos and distributing them to each person in the company. The memo, either ending in the trash, the shredder, or the […]


Office 365: Security Measures Against Cybercrimes

Cybercrime continues to spread as a new category and form of offense committed against people and societies. It is defined as a crime in which the computer becomes the object of the crime or it becomes major platform used to carry out the crime. (Source: Techopedia). While public policies are becoming more comprehensive and in-depth […]

The Critical Role of Managed IT Support in Business - CMS IT

Maximizing Managed IT Services for Your Company

Low cost IT services may appear appealing for many companies which are in the early stages of outsourcing their IT requirements. But as service providers continue to populate the market, and as these boutique providers offer more customized and flexible solutions, going for the lowest bidder will not anymore be the best option for companies […]

Reap the Rewards of Utilising Managed Information Technology Services for Small Business - CMS IT

Understanding IT Services for Your Business

The word IT may sound too “big” for the non-technical folks. Businesses can depend so much on technology, yet, many business owners somehow feel that having the “basics” of technology would be enough to get them through the day-to-day operations. It will not take long for a business owner to realize that as his business […]


Building Better Teams With New Office 365 Tools

There are hundreds of methods and systems, both online and offline, that are being introduced to improve collaboration and efficiency among teams.  A lot of these tools try to address some of the most pressing and common challenges faced by individuals every day, while trying to achieve results as an independent contributor and a team […]

The Influence of Managed IT Services in Sydney for Business Trends in 2015 - CMS IT

Securing the right IT Support for Growing Businesses

Growing a business could be a daunting task for small entrepreneurs. Purchasing,  maintaining, and updating tech and equipment can really dig a deep hole in the entrepreneurs’ pockets. But, because a high percentage of business processes are highly dependent on technology, nowadays, business owners cannot simply neglect this cost on tech. Instead, they’d have to […]

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IT Support Technicians: Spotting the Best and Getting Them on The Job

IT Support Technicians: Spotting the Best and Getting Them on The Job  Today’s business operations are becoming highly tech-driven across different sectors. From food and beverage, to car parts manufacturing, to services, and to knowledge businesses, companies cannot limit the penetration of technology across all levels of the organization. Name one department or function within […]

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Managing IT Support for Small to Medium Organizations

The changing business landscape continues to uncover never-before-seen challenges for small to medium-sized organizations. Given the technology-driven operations, one of the main challenges organizations face is how to manage IT Support services for their teams. Regardless of the size of the team, from a two-man partnership to the huge, multi-department structure, organizations face these three […]

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How Collaborative Cloud Systems Promote Smooth Transition in High Turn-over Companies

As economies grow and employee roles diversify, employee retention continues to be one of the most difficult challenges companies face. With knowledge workers having monopoly over information they have accumulated over the months and years, companies struggle to ensure continuity in operations every time employees leave, bringing with them a wealth of information which cannot be replenished […]

Single Cloud-Based Office System: How Your Employees Can Benefit from Having Everything in the Cloud

Collaboration in the workplace is a concept that has been constantly changed by the introduction of technology. With the pace of work turning faster and demands from internal and external clients becoming more complex, employees are pressured to deliver high-quality results in the most efficient way possible. The knowledge economy requires that information is shared and […]

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Understanding Website maintenance and SEO for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Brick and mortar stores are undoubtedly benefiting from having an additional channel to sell. Online stores are essential to increasing market coverage as it widens the business’ visibility. Still, many businesses fail to prioritize optimization of their websites and treat these digital brochures the same way they treat printed leaflets, hoping that the more leaflets […]

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Let CMSIT Jumpstart your Business Success

That’s right! Hit the road ready for big business success ahead with the added advantage CMSIT can provide your organization. Don’t be left fumbling in the dark when it comes to Information Technology Services and the jargon or “tech speak” that goes with the territory. Let one of the most trusted leading providers of IT […]

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SEO Services the CMSIT way

Whaaat? You are one business savvy businessman and you haven’t even heard of SEO and yet live and operate in a digital age in the era of computers? You’re a dinosaur, really you are! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps drive your company’s digital marketing forward and helps increase your leads […]

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Information Technology Solutions entirely in one place

That is right! All your information Technology necessities and requirements all in one place: CMSIT. From the most advanced hardware to cutting-edge programs to peripherals and hard to find technical expertise and almost everything under the sun that relates to information technology solutions and the World Wide Web! First off, CMSIT is a leading expert […]

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Why Do Hackers Hack?

Now that is a very good question, really it is! But intriguing it is not! What’s in it for hackers, both for professionals or otherwise? Well to be truthfully blunt about it, it is about money and the power one holds on the company or persons one has successfully hacked! For the money part, there […]

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes Guards Against Emerging Cyber Threats

CMSIT Australia offers Malwarebytes end point protection to its clienteles. Malwarebytes is designed as a superior next-generation antivirus replacement. It is a windows security package which employs four independent technology modules to secure your  various data and information against anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit and malicious website protection to block and eliminate both known and unknown cyber […]

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