2021 SEO Updates

With a new year comes new trends from our search engines. So it’s that time to look at what to expect in search engine optimization this year. This is important because the key to a great SEO strategy is putting yourself in the user’s shoes. Ask yourself if the content you’re about to publish is valuable, is your brand trustworthy, and is your website user-friendly – especially on mobile.

So let’s look at some updates that will be applied to SEO.

  1. Focus on User and Search Intent

This may not be a new trend or concept in SEO, but with all the rapid changes that happened last year, it’s important to refocus and understand the changes in searcher intent and behaviour. This means SEO pros will need to veer away from your traditional practices that will hold less value as the algorithms get stronger. A good example is coming up with meta descriptions for every single webpage. Instead of doing this, you need to focus more on better understanding what is happening within the searcher intent.

So how do you do this?

  1. Have a copy that will address your visitor’s needs and concerns rather than focusing on a copy that talks about your products, your company, or why your product is good.
  2. Have a website that can render quickly and stabilizes instantly.
  3. Avoid making it hard for users to find your content or spend money. So best to remove your forced pop-ups, registration, and the likes

2. All SEO is Mobile SEO

Similar to these past couple of yours, your website should be mobile friendly as this is where the majority of searches are being conducted. If your website is still not mobile friendly, then it’s time for you to start designing a user experience (UX) that will benefit your users.

When coming up with the mobile UX, the key is to have a simple design. Sooner or later, Google might just ignore your website on the desktop and determine your ranking based on your mobile website.

If this is going to be quite a big jump for you, you have numerous SEO providers who can help you meet the bare minimum for now. From there, you can start working on improving it making it more appealing and content driven.

There’s no need to worry because you can have different designs for your desktop and mobile websites. However, do take note that Google will no longer be ranking your desktop and mobile experiences differently.

Whether you’re an SEO professional or a brand who want to improve your website’s ranking then take note of these tips. Watch out for more SEO updates from CMSIT, an SEO provider in Sydney.