3 Important Things for SEO

2020 could probably be one of the toughest years for local small businesses because of the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of this the receding global economy and lower purchasing power of consumers aren’t helping either.

The upside for this though, is Google searches have been increasing the past months. For a number of local businesses, especially for the local ones, this can be an opportunity for you to improve the performance of your site to get higher rankings and eventually more traffic and customers.

So here are 3 things that you need to take note of when optimizing your website.


Your website content is one of the keys to improve your performance. Search engine spiders look for HTML text so they can’t read what they can’t see. With this, maximizing your content by placing your target keywords and alt text on your images and flash animations will be beneficial for you. Additionally, spiders have troubles locating multiple frames in a website so try to avoid having too many frames on your website.

You need to aim for a high ranking on search engines, ideally top 10. To do this, you have to make sure that the keywords you are targeting are embedded regularly throughout a specific page. Remember to include these keywords in the headline, at the top of your body, and at the bottom. Search engines like Google will be giving you plus points when doing so.


No matter how worthy and reliable your content or how technically optimized your website is, there is still a possibility for you not to get high rankings in search engines. To address this, you will need to build your website and brand’s credibility.

The best way to build your website’s credibility is by acquiring links from other relevant sites from the industry, ideally the ones that are popular that use your target keywords. The more popular and relevant the websites that you will be linking back to, the more beneficial it will be for your site. Don’t use link farms as you may be penalized due to the lack of relevance or popularity of the pages you will be using. Always consider the quality over quantity when working on your link development campaign.


It was mentioned that if you execute your SEO plan properly, you will be getting more traffic and customers on your website. The next step now is to convert these people to leads or sales, depending on your company’s goal. A poorly executed will not convert to leads or sales. When this happens, you will need to reevaluate your strategy, especially the keywords that you use.

By closely monitoring and analysing your website’s traffic and analytics you will be able to check the performance of your keywords. This will show the different keywords that are performing and the ones that are falling short. If your analytics is set up properly, you can also track the sources of your conversions. There are a number of tools that you can utilize to evaluate and implement your conversion tracking. Always take note of these things when you’re working on your SEO campaign. If you are unsure on how to start your campaign, there are a number of SEO companies in Sydney, Australia that can help you plan it out. If you are interested you may contact CMSIT who can help you with your SEO development and possibly on your other IT needs as well.