Getting Managed IT Services for Medium-Sized Businesses in Sydney: Measuring Benefits

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If you’re still paying your tech support personnel on an hourly basis and still not getting the fix and systems you want in place, then you’re missing out on the benefits of managed IT services for medium-sized businesses. When getting Managed IT Services in Sydney, a medium-sized company should feel the benefits of easing tech issues and actually see improvements in processes and even the knowledge of staff in resolving low-level tech issues. But how can companies measure these benefits which they should be getting from Managed IT Service provider?


  1. Require regular and detailed reports

The reason a business goes with a managed IT service provider is you want to improve the overall efficiency of the organization and eliminate roadblocks that affect speed and agility of your team. The primary measure is as simple as regular reports generated by your service provider. The report could be as simple as an excel sheet of all the resolved issues within the month, or could be as detailed as providing the complete resolution steps for every issue encountered.



  1. Identify the most common issue raised and require a recommendation for a long-term fix

the reports, the next measure of the benefits provided by your service provider is the quality and availability of the long-term fix for the most common issue identified by your users. Establish at least a three-month trend to see these issues and identify whether it is something that can be fixed permanently by your IT provider. This may not always be the case because aside from technical issues, sometimes the most common errors are from a lack of user training. This should also be identified by your service provider, if this is the case. It is important to evaluate the service provider’s recommendations and to assess whether they are worth implementing to eliminate the most persistent issues in the organization.



  1. Set priority areas which should be the focus of improvements throughout the contract

If the service provider has several solutions which are worth implementing, it would also be ideal to set and align priorities for both the organization and IT provider. Measuring their performance within the contract period based on the set priorities is crucial for the future decision on whether to keep them as your provider for another period or to switch to a new provider. If the Managed IT service provider cannot deliver based on agreed priorities, then it may be better to scout for other service providers for your next fiscal year.



There are other ways to measure the benefits provided by your IT service provider. To learn about the possible areas covered by Managed IT services in Sydney, talk to CMSIT today.