Global Switch data centre suffers power outage

A power issue on level two of Global Switch’s Sydney data centre sent some customers offline for approximately half an hour this morning.

One of facility’s two power distribution feeds ceased working for a “limited number of clients” at about 10.20am. Sources identified this as Phase ‘B’.

Equipment that used two sources of power continued to function throughout the outage; however, smaller servers and network equipment that accessed a single power feed went offline.

PacNet, HarbourMSP, Exigent, and Servers Australia were among those affected.

Servers Australia’s managing director Jared Hirst said his customers were affected for only “three to four minutes” before staff re-routed traffic to back-up equipment at Equinix.

A PacNet customer service representative said the call centre was “being bombarded with calls” due to a “network issue” that lasted about one hour, until noon.

Global Switch Commercial Manager Damon Reid told iTnews it was “working through an incident” that was attributed to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit.

“At the moment, our focus is to speak to clients and rectify the issue,” he said.