SMBs’ Pain Points Solved by Managed IT Services

For small to mid businesses, managing their own IT department could be a bit too much, especially if these businesses are not related to the industry. It could be challenging due to the staff limit or lack of resources to handle problems that may arise. That’s why a lot of SMBs have started to transition to using managed IT services so they could focus on operations and growing their business.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some pain points that SMBs are commonly experiencing that managed IT services can address.

  1. Small IT Department

If your company is still small, then you have to keep your IT team to a minimum. The downside of this is they can be overwhelmed with the requests from their colleagues or customers. When this happens, delay and other problems might occur which impacts customer satisfaction and employee productivity. On top of this, when your company experiences emergencies like network failure, data breach, and the likes, your IT team might not have a slow reaction time, which could affect your business like profits and branding.

With managed IT services, you will be outsourcing all your IT needs and all your concerns can be addressed through an IT helpdesk and desktop support. This way, your IT team can handle more critical tasks like updating your network, managing your servers and countering outside attacks.

  1. Data Loss

Nowadays, data is wealth, unfortunately one of the most common problems that SMBs experience is data loss. To prevent this, your IT Team needs to develop and maintain a business continuity plan, which a lot of companies do not have.

If you don’t have or you’re not sure on how to come up with a business continuity plan, you may partner up with managed IT providers like CMSIT. We make sure that your data backups regularly to prevent resumption of operations without delay event after an accident or a disaster.

  1. Accessibility

With business allowing employees to still work from home, it is important that all your files are always available. The perfect way to address this is by developing, implementing, and launching a could for your business. If this is done in-house, it will eat up a lot of your IT team’s time and resources, which could lead to an unproductive and burnout team, and an ineffective and vulnerable cloud solution.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to let trusted third party companies, like CMSIT, handle this for you. With a cloud solution, we can help your business adapt to the needs of your business and cut your maintenance and hardware costs. On top of that, this will also give your team a 24/7 support which comes with reporting and management tools.

So if your business is experiencing these problems or any IT concerns, let CMSIT help you. We can customize our services based on your IT needs which will help you reduce your cost and boost internal operations. If you’re interested, you may reach out to CMSIT, a managed IT provider in Sydney.