The Differences Between the PBX and PABX Solutions

The world of telecoms can be a tricky one. Numerous websites provide you information about the products that you are looking for, yet the questions in your mind are still not answered. Here at CMSIT, we want to help you understand the challenges you are facing and provide you with the right solutions and the correct information.

One of the common questions regarding telecom solutions is “What’s the difference between PABX and PBX?” which we will be explaining in this article.

The first difference which one can note between PBX and PABX systems is that of ‘A’. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, while PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. Therefore, the first difference between these two words is the presence of the word ‘Automatic’.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephonic system that allows the enterprise users to connect to each other. External phone lines are used to switch calls. This system is also cost efficient by offering a cheaper way of communication. Additionally, PBX is not operated by a telephone company. Instead, it is operated by an enterprise. In earlier days, PBX used analog technology, but now it uses digital technology to manage incoming and outgoing calls.

The PBX system makes communication easier within an organization by using different software and hardware technology such as telephone adapters, telephone sets, routers, switches, and hubs. Recent PBXs have many interesting and advanced features that make the communication within the organization much easier, and in turn, they boost the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

In its earliest days, a PBX was a room. By manually plugging wires, switchboard operators could connect calls from one caller to another. Luckily,  technology evolved and new improvements were added – one of these being the advent of electronic switching. The introduction of this meant that a newer term for PBX was needed, and so it evolved from PBX to PABX.

From PBX comes the Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) which is an automated telephonic system present inside an enterprise. PABX is a type of PBX in which all the processes are automated. Since all the PBXs these days are automatic, the term PBX has also vanished. The telephonic system mostly present inside an organization today is a PABX. This system  has all its features automated, and nothing like conferencing, voicemail, automatic ring back, call waiting, and internet connectivity can be done manually. A single access number is used by outside callers and inside callers which is normally used by organizations and call centers.

A PABX in Sydney provides multiple lines to the outside callers and multiple external lines for the staff or internal callers within different enterprises in Sydney. The main task of a PABX system is to perform switching that is required to make calls within the organization, and for this purpose, extensions are used.

Nowadays, PBXs have evolved much further from the PABX system used decades ago. And since all PBXs are now automated, there is no longer any need to differentiate between the automated and manual systems. Because of this, the terms PABX and PBX are used interchangeably as they basically point to the same system. If you would like to integrate a PABX in your business to streamline communications, it’s best to consult companies who can provide you with the right solutions. One of the PABX providers that you can check in Sydney, Australia is CMSIT. Aside from a PABX system, we can also help you with your other IT needs. If you are interested to learn more about our PABX solutions or other services, you can visit our Contact Us page