Top IT Solutions in the midst of COVID-19

The way we live our life will never be the same. The pandemic that we are experiencing now made us realize that we can never be prepared for anything. The best thing we can do is to lessen its impact on our lives.

May it be personally or professional, COVID-19 has affected one’s life. Small-medium enterprises are one of the most affected areas in our economy. Especially those who were doing all of their services in-house, one of which are IT operations. In this article, we’ll be talking about the different IT solutions that companies can explore to help them operate more efficiently while cutting their costs.

  1. PABX Solution

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a telephone system that can be simply described as digital telephony devices that allows business and organisations the ability to manage and distribute within their network. PABX is a solution that can provide your company savings due because it reduces call costs through technology.

PABX is usually used by call centres and medium-to-large companies. With the system connecting an organisation’s whole network, it can also provide multiple lines for outside callers to reach staff and external lines that your staff can utilise.

  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting which uses multiple different servers to balance the load and maximize uptime. Instead of using a single server, your website can tap into a “cluster” that uses resources from a centralized pool. This means that even if one server fails, another kicks in to keep everything running.

The main benefits of cloud hosting include a major focus on uptime, isolated resources, easy scaling, and a dedicated IP address.

  1. Managed IT Services

Working from home can be challenging when IT equipment, such as laptops, personal computers, printers and mobile devices are not keeping up with the speed and capacity of the workers. Managed IT services is perfect for businesses who implemented a work from home set up.

This solution addresses all your IT Support and infrastructure needs by providing your business with a wide range of services which will allow you to focus on other areas. We also tailor disaster recovery plans to suit your business so you won’t be left stranded. We will also help get your business back on track after a disaster.

  1. SEO

This solution will allow you to keep a good website ranking on different search engines. It will  drive your digital marketing forward and increase your leads by putting your business on the digital map using search engine optimisation.

All of the solutions listed above will help you cut your cost if you get IT service providers in Australia. These providers are already expert in the field and are required to meet the terms on your contract. Services are done within an agreed timeline which will be convenient for you. If you are interested in any of these solutions, you may contact us, CMSIT, one of these IT service providers via our Contact Us page.