2015 Round Up Of The Most Popular Products and IT Services

2015 Round Up Of The Most Popular Products and IT Services

2015 has launched many new devices and IT services and solutions for both personal and business uses.  2015 has also saw an increase in awareness when it comes to IT services that aimed to improve overall business operations. We asked business owners, tech guide experts and a managed services provider or two about their take for this year’s new releases and upgrades.


Windows 10

After all the speculations, the teasers and spoilers, Windows 10 was finally released July 29th of this year.  One managed services provider who was one of the privileged few to try out the new operating system before its worldwide release has noted many significant and crucial improvements over the other Windows operating systems.  Some IT experts claim that Windows 10 has somehow successfully merged old operating system features that have been widely missed and the OS’ newer features to give an improved user experience.


Surface Pro 3

Touted as Microsoft’s brave attempt at replacing the laptop with a tablet, the Surface Pro 3 has more than just delivered on the hype.  The Surface Pro 3 can be used as a standalone tablet with a robust high-resolution display and extremely fast performance.  When asked about its relevance to the business landscape, one managed services provider pointed out that the Surface Pro 3 is perfect for businesses that are looking to improve and enhance workforce mobility.  The Surface Pro 3 does not skimp on utilities either, as it can work as a fully functional laptop but is thinner and lighter for easier portability.


Office 365

Although not technically launched this year, Office365 has gained quite a boost in popularity especially when it comes to businesses.  This year, more businesses have made the switch over to Office 365 greatly improving accessibility and mobility for their workforce.  One managed services provider has definitely noticed an increase in adding the Office 365 service to existing IT managed services plans.  With Microsoft taking over the bulk of the responsibility of management and security, business owners find themselves more freedom to divert both resources and focus onto more important core business functions.