2015’s Most In-Demand Solutions in IT Managed Services in Australia

2015’s Most In-Demand Solutions in IT Managed Services in Australia

With the year coming to a close, a great number of posts will focus on recounting significant events and developments for information technology, communication exchange and the services and solutions that have dominated the news.  This post aims to recap some of the more noteworthy managed services in Australia that helped reshape and redefine the way business is done.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud hosting solutions for business has seen an increase in demand and popularity among small to mid-sized enterprises. The launch and introduction of various software applications and systems designed to further improve cloud hosting solutions has made it one of the most preferred IT managed services in Australia and the whole global business landscape today.

Network Support Solutions

The growing popularity of IT managed services in Australia has significantly intensified this year.  One of the services that have seen more utilisation from businesses this year is network support solutions.  More companies have seen the need for expert network support from highly-skilled, certified network engineers, proactive network monitoring, automatic alert updates and many more network support solutions to further enhance business operational functions and to further decrease the occurrences of production downtimes.

Unified Communications Solutions

Enhanced business mobility has become one of the main focuses of improvement when it comes to IT managed services in Australia.  The seamless exchange of communication has always been one of the top business objectives.  Unified communications solutions have become more robust, more flexible to accommodate whatever sized business it’s incorporated into.  This year saw unified communications becoming more stable and reliable when it comes to information and communication solutions.

SEO Solutions

2015 saw the escalating need for alternative and more effective means of business marketing and advertising.  This is especially true for small to mid-sized companies who do not have the needed resources to launch full-scale advertising and marketing campaigns.  Through organic search marketing, enriched web development and design, SEO solutions has established itself as one of the most in-demand solutions in IT managed services in Australia for 2015.