2016 Forecast for Managed IT Services

2016 Forecast for Managed IT Services

There is no denying the significant impact of managed IT services in businesses worldwide last 2015.  The gap between large enterprises and small to mid-sized businesses has been drastically narrowed thanks to managed IT solutions and service plans that address a wide-range of information technology issues within a business’ daily operations.  This 2016, the effect of managed IT services will only grow more extensive with the addition of new solutions and the improvement of existing services.

Moving Onward with Cloud Hosting

Last year, many businesses have seen the advantages of utilizing cloud hosting, an often undervalued managed IT solution, which paved the way for business owners to have more employees working remotely without giving up the ability to access information whenever needed.  This year, the focus will be on improving this particular managed IT solution especially when it comes to monitoring and securing devices that are allowed remote access to protect businesses from security breaches.

Another aspect of this particular solution is cloud backup and data recovery.  This 2016, the focus on cloud backup will intensify and managed IT service providers that deliver these services could very well be doing so beyond this year.  This solution is considered by information technology insiders as a golden opportunity for services providers to push cloud hosting and computing into the forefront of managed IT.

Increased Online Presence through SEO Services

Another managed IT service that’s expected to get a boost in popularity and demand is SEO services.  This is because more and more businesses are acknowledging the effectiveness of alternative advertising avenues one example of which is digital advertising.  SEO services such as comprehensive web design and development, social media management and organic and paid search marketing are all geared towards boosting online branding and presence for businesses worldwide.

Business owners are expected to continue exploring the advantages of SEO services for their companies this 2016.  With the boom of mobility features, trends and demand, SEO services address the need for improved and robust online experiences for consumers especially this year when more big IT companies are looking to launch services and products geared towards business mobility and digital growth marketing.