Avoid Network Crippling Malware Attacks with IT Managed Services

Avoid Network Crippling Malware Attacks with IT Managed Services

Yesterday one of the largest health networks in Victoria, Royal Melbourne Hospital, suffered significantly detrimental setbacks when a yet unnamed form of malicious software attacked and infected computers running on Windows XP in the pathology department.  Automated processes had to be done manually while Melbourne Health’s IT team looks into finding resolutions to the problem.

Network attacks such as this could have been better prevented with a strategic and proper IT managed services solution protocol in place.  A good example of the many IT managed services solutions that could help prevent malicious software from attacking business networks is network security and threat protection.  The threat of spam, malicious software or malwares and viruses breaching through your network and causing sometimes irreparable damage to operational systems is something that should be taken seriously.  Businesses should look into outsourcing IT managed services to a provider who understands the importance of network security and threat protection.

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WatchGuard is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance that provides an expansive scope of protection for businesses and their networks.  IT managed services providers that offer network security and threat protection solutions often utilize WatchGuard to complement or enhance other network security protocols or procedures to further enhance security and prevent malicious software from getting through.

For businesses that rely heavily on emails for internal communications, it is crucial to have a network security solution included in their IT managed services plan.  This is to ensure that all emails are heavily screened and filtered before they get to their intended recipients to help weed out spam, phishing emails and virtually every identified security threat today.

However, it is important to understand the role that human factor plays when it comes to network security.  Most third party providers of IT managed services help educate business personnel in the dangers of network breaches and often send out informational circulars that help educate them when it comes to recognizing possible spam, phishing and malware-carrying emails and attachments.

Security threats in the form of spam, malware and file corruption can be more efficiently addressed with a network security solution working alongside other IT managed services in protecting business networks and ensuring less downtime caused by security issues.