Benefits of Office 365 for Small Business

Many small business owners have heard about Office 365. Owners have either explored it and some even deployed it.  Is office 365 migration right for your business? The answer is a resounding yes. Office 365 offers a wide variety of tools that could propel your business forward. Here are reasons why you need to immediately deploy this system and even hire an IT company if you don’t know how to migrate.

Top 5 Reasons for Office 365 Migration

1. 100% Uptime Guaranteed

Here is a stark reality. Running an in-house system is at risks of crashes and environmental hazards (flooding or fire). Your business is prone on losing  data because of this risks. Servers will be down, websites can cease operations. According to statistics collected in 2015 by the U.S. Institute for Business and Home Safety, it showed that 25% of small businesses are forced to close after a major disaster.  Storing all your services inside cloud helps prevent this from happening. Emails, app systems, calendars and other important business services can be safely stored and backed up using cloud.

2. Better Control and Security

With Office 365 migration, data control and security has never been easy. Office 365 can guarantee small businesses that they get enterprise level security. You can rest your mind, knowing that all your info assets are well protected. Small business owners can control who can access which data.  If for some reason a mobile device of your organization is compromise, you can limit access to that data and even erase it. This prevents unauthorized people from accessing or exploiting company secrets.

3. Work Anytime and Anywhere

Back then, small businesses need to hire network and systems admin to set up their Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is needed to ensure secure connection between your mobile devices and your organization’s servers. Because of Office 365 migration, VPN is not a requirement. You can set it up since the configuration is simpler. If you still prefer having an expert handle it for you, you can hire an IT company to assist you. This won’t cost an arm and leg compared before.

4. Make Your Information More Organized

Organizing files, calendars and contacts is a big pain if you use the standard email structure for your organization. Each of your team members will encounter mismatch if there is no central repository for all this things. When you run the Office 365 migration, you can avoid this from happening. You can unify all the files of your employees and drive collaboration between teams. You can synchronize data from laptops and mobile devices. Ensuring everyone is on the same page.

5. Better Management of Costs

Before, managing Office licenses is a pain. An IT company can bloat its costs because organizations need to pay upfront on expensive licenses. Office 365 migration has a flexible monthly billing process that will adapt based on your needs. You can easily add or reduce seats on the monthly basis. You can now forecast more effectively rather than getting tons of licenses and fail to utilize them fully.

6. Larger mailbox storage

With Office 365, your company automatically get 50 GB of email storage. Your employees can now store more emails without being pestered to clean their mailbox. This allows your organization the ability to store back emails and recover them quickly.

7. Licensing Made Cleaner

Years ago, licensing is a big pain for many organizations. There are risks that files of your employees won’t match because they are using older versions of Office. With Office 365 migration, you can be assured that every file will be compatible. Everyone will have the same versions since updates can easily be done to the platform.