Big Data Solutions

For a moment consider how much data you interact with on a personal level in your day to day life. Your mobile phone carries the data of your contact information for friends, family and colleges – mobile numbers, emails, home address. Your P.C  or tablet carries the data of worksheets, budgets, photos, music and movies. Your car carries the data of favourite playlists, preprogramed radio stations, maps to most of this country. Consider how much data you as an individual are producing and now factor in your business data interactions and multiple this 23 million…. The population of Australia.

Data creation is occurring at a record rate. This increase is accelerated by the success of electronic, networked devices that have successfully entered both the business and consumer market.  While some of the data can be considered “structured information”, a big part of that information is unstructured, not following a predefined data model, but kept in log files, on file servers, in social networks and many other places and formats. Information Technology needs to manage this data effectively and efficiently to allow business to operate at an opportune level.  Imagine the catastrophic if you lost access to this data or lost the data completely.

In the age of big data it is important to consider ways in which to protect and organize this data through virtualization and deduplication. The team at CMS IT are skilled in efficiently organizing data within an organization and ensuring it is stored in a safe and secure portable.