Building Better Teams With New Office 365 Tools

There are hundreds of methods and systems, both online and offline, that are being introduced to improve collaboration and efficiency among teams.  A lot of these tools try to address some of the most pressing and common challenges faced by individuals every day, while trying to achieve results as an independent contributor and a team player. Office365 users will be able to maximize the MyAnalytics tool to address some common issues, such as the ones detailed below:


  1. Too many meetings, no productive solo hours. 

Collaboration isn’t all about filling up your calendar with meetings, touch base sessions, recaps, and reviews. Collaboration is also making sure that your teammates have enough “solo hours” to accomplish their tasks and individual priorities, and actually get work done. Office365 can now nudge you to make sure you set more “focus time” if your calendar gets filled up too quickly with meetings and other tasks outside your solo hours.


  1. Delegation is left to the discretion of the managers. 

If teams are to become more effective at getting things done, decision-making on who does what and which tasks can be shared to other people has to be open to the rest of the team, and not just concentrated on one person. Delegation, support, and initiative has to be built into the culture and not just be a sole responsibility of the manager. So, MyAnalytics in Office365 can now nudge you to consider delegating meetings to teammates when your schedule gets too filled up. This way, priorities are shared easily, and teammates can support each other in accomplishing tasks if the tasks pile up on one person.


  1. Reading emails but never really accomplishing the “to-do” stuff within that email. 

Ever read an email and replied to say “This is acknowledged and I will get back to you shortly”, only to forget it completely under the pile of other emails? Office365 MyAnalytics will also be able to remind you of tasks committed via email, by nudging you to read new emails from specific co-workers you owe some outputs to. It’s a smart way of reminding you to stay true to your commitments to your team.


Office 365 has a lot of features to offer to your teams. It is ideal to get the professional services of IT Solutions company such as CMS Information Technology to help you put Office 365 in place, ready to be maximized by your teams.