Can My Small Business Afford Managed IT Services?

Managed IT is substantially a proactive outlook in dealing with your business computers and IT concerns.

IT solutions before now, and it still is in some cases, was mainly on a reactive approach where IT professionals are contacted and brought in when something suddenly goes wrong or if the computers are not performing as expected. Many companies have encountered unbearable losses due to their IT systems going on the fritz for a few hours, or for several days in worse cases, that is why the proactive approach is much more desirable.

If you are only just starting to set up and get your small business going then you might think that your funds are best allocated for other business needs. Why spend managed IT now when you can delay expenditure when your company gets bigger right? Many start-up business owners are faced with this predicament when trying to weigh the affordability and return on investment in procuring managed IT services so they tend to sit on the fence for a couple of months, until they encounter a big problem that causes an even bigger amount of income loss.  This is the only point where they realise that the benefits greatly outweigh the costs of hiring a capable managed IT services team.


Everybody Has Gone Techy

Anyone and everyone today know how to get on the information highway using a computer or mobile device so your business can reach the target market via the internet. Businesses need to be technologically up to date, at the very least, if not advance, to be able to compete in their field. Small businesses need the help of a dependable managed IT services team to help their business keep up with technology and to set them up for online success.

You have already invested a good amount of money to get your business started so may as well add a little more on top to ensure that an expert can help support and manage your IT system needs so you would have smooth and seamless daily business routine. If ever you encounter any tech problems, then the managed IT team can help resolve the issues and get your system back up and running in no time, mitigating considerable business loss.


No Need For Internal IT

Not a lot of small business start-up owners are tech savvy so they feel pressured to hire IT personnel. Large corporations usually have huge budgets for their IT departments but even big companies hire managed IT services teams to help secure their business data and maintain the health and performance of their IT systems. Small business owners are fortunate that there are affordable bundled services that are provided by flexible managed IT teams.

A good managed IT services group would only suggest a range of services that you would need for the time being and they would be flexible for enhancements later on when your company may need expansion and upgrades. In the beginning your start-up business may need just hardware and servers support, network security, data backup, systems monitoring and telephony, but later on you would need assistance with updates, data recovery, custom software, VoIP phones to use your computer to make calls, and other technological advances to give your company an edge. It is best to find a good managed IT systems group to partner up with to establish your company and prepare it for future growth.


Protection, Protection, Protection

You might think that your computer systems are safe from cyberattacks since your business is not that well known over the internet as of yet but do not fall prey to this false belief. Only just last December, numerous retailers’ IT systems were plagued by a payment information stealing malware. Even corner mom and pop stores were victimised. Cyber criminals do not only target multinational corporations to steal information and money from especially because they know that most small business start-up companies tend to neglect the need to hire a managed IT service team to protect their assets.

These digital delinquents would even hack into your computer systems and decrypt your data so you would not be able to access it and go about your daily business and then ask for a ransom fee. Would you rather shell out money to ensure your business is protected or would you rather take the chances of losing income, assets, and customers to cyberattackers? Better be cyber safe than sorry with the help of managed IT services team right?