CMS IT Adds SEO to its Wide Range of IT Services

CMS Information Technology Adds SEO to its Wide Range of IT Support Services

Businesses wanting to establish a strong online presence have finally recognized and progressively turned to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods to achieve their goals.  However small or big your business may be, it is important to acknowledge that SEO is much a vital part of your success as your core business activities.  The goal is to let consumers know that your business exists and that it can provide the service that they need.

CMS Information Technology has been providing IT support in Sydney and other parts of Australia since 1996 to a diverse group of businesses and not for profit organizations.  From the time CMS IT has started, up to now, we have continually searched for ways to help our clients improve business productivity and effectivity.  This is why we have added SEO services to our line-up of top notch IT support in Sydney.


What is SEO and why your business needs to utilize it

Search Engine Optimisation in a nutshell is any of the varied methodologies and activities undertaken that aims to improve your company website’s search engine rankings.  Let’s take Google for example.  Google displays links to web pages it considers relevant to a search.  Relevance and ranking is measured by analysing both the quantity and the quality of links from other web pages.  Simply put, as the number of external web pages that link back to your business web page increases, your company’s web pages have the potential to rank in Google.

SEO is not just one method.  As it is with IT support in Sydney, there are different systems and practises that when done properly will contribute to the increase of your search engine ranking.  With the correct SEO strategy in place, your business online presence will grow, your customer experience will improve and become more robust and ultimately create better, stronger client relationships for your company.


ORGANIC SEARCH MARKETINGNon-paid Google search processes which obtains natural placement on organic search engine result pages. Our experienced and skilled team will carry out an initial assessment of your website and product/service offering, and put into place a strategy which aims to organically/naturally rank your website in the 1st page of Google search.


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – Social media is now a part of everyone’s life and the same goes for businesses. Social Media not only drives business to your website but it helps build brand presence, create stronger, longer lasting relationships with customers, offers the ability to target particular groups in particular locations, allows you to obtain real customer insight and more importantly manages your reputation.


PAID SEARCH MARKETING – The best option for immediate results. By investing in Google Adwords, we will manage, handle and maintain your account so that your Google ads will give you the best rate of return. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly reports will be generated in order for you to see where each Dollar is spent.


WEB DESIGN – Combining SEO and Web Design is challenging because there are many factors on both sides to consider but CMS IT’s expertise and experience will leave you worry-free as we will configure and optimize your website so that it is 110% SEO friendly for both desktop and mobile devices.