Consumerising the Tablet – from presentations to fridges…

In today’s fast paced workforce there is a heightened focus on business agility and delivering tailored solutions to customers immediately. Whilst we all strive to have an efficient and productive workplace we are seeing a rise in business communications and presentations taking place over a tablet.

Sales Presentations, Internal Meetings and Customer interactions are more regularly being conducted with the use of mobile devices, from tablets to iPhone to laptops. We are seeing a seamless shift between computing and communicating. This in turn allows us to interact with our teams, clients and future customers on a more personal level. Business need to ensure they prepare properly for implementing tablet operations, companies need to determine security guidelines and use profiles, build integration timelines and shop around for critical vendor support if needed.

If you have a growing sales team and wish to implement or discuss the best Tablet solution for your business CMS IT can offer a wealth of knowledge on the best fit from a hardware, software and security level. Contact our friendly team today to discuss further.