Email Hosting through Managed IT – How it Benefits Your Business

Email Hosting through Managed IT – How it Benefits Your Business

Managed IT for business, whatever its size brings a host of benefits that facilitate overall improvement in productivity, efficiency and customer service ratings.  This is due to the fact that services which fall under the umbrella of managed IT all lend to the enhancement of day to day IT functions and operations that factor into a workforce’s ability to work proficiently.

Let’s take email hosting as an example.  Email hosting is one of the services under managed IT and is a web or internet hosting service which rents our and operates email servers.  It offers premium features such as heightened security, email management and advanced filtering, effectively setting it apart from the many free email services available on the web today.


Spam No More

Whilst managed IT as a whole benefits a business by effectively streamlining all IT operations to ensure an optimum working environment, email hosting effectively streamlines all email operations to ensure an optimum email experience.  Also, just as managed IT has a specific service intended to improve a specific IT function, email hosting has a variety of email services that target the different facets of email.  One such service is managed spam filtering.

Nothing is as pesky and counterproductive as the task of clearing out your inbox of unsolicited email or as it’s more commonly known, spam.  Spam serves no purpose as it clogs mail servers and is often a vehicle for malicious software.  With managed spam filtering, these unsolicited emails are prevented from making their way into your employees’ inboxes thereby preventing potentially harmful software from infecting and bogging down a computer system.

Another email hosting service that benefits businesses with managed IT is managed email security.  Managed IT includes security services that protect and oversees your entire business’ security; managed email security protects and oversees the security of your emails.  With managed email security, the exchange of information within your organisation is secure and safe from most email security threats like phishing scams and email policy breaches.

Managed IT protects, manages and maintains the entirety of your IT operations to ensure that productivity is kept at high, efficient levels.  Managed email hosting and its services specifically manages, maintains and takes care of your emails and all its components.