Have you checked the air-conditioning on your server room lately?

Have you checked the air-conditioning on your server room lately?

It’s that time of year again and Australia is heating up as we head into summer. We like to remind you each year that it is of vital importance to check the air-conditioning quality of your server room as we head into the warmer months. Keeping your server room at an appropriate temperature is extremely important for any data centre as they produce a lot of heat and once they reach a certain temperature they can and will fail. Remember if your server room is down so to is your business.

In summer when air-conditioning systems are often put under pressure there is an increased risk that they can fail or not reach desired cooling temperatures? It is often advisable to gear up with an alternative solution that can provide emergency cooling solutions for your server room such as a portable air-conditioner.

Some tips to ensure your data centre stays at an ideal temperature over the warmer months include:

Update Your Network Cabling Location

If you have a server room that was built quite a while ago, you may need to check where your network cabling runs. Often older server rooms with raised floors have the cabling run underneath the floor to the cabinet. If your air conditioning also comes up through the floor, this can make it harder for the air conditioning to cool the room, and the server equipment, effectively

Choose the right air-conditioner

If you are relying on the building air conditioning system for the primary cooling in your server room it may be time to install a dedicated server room cooling system.  Consider the costs and benefits of installation and life-cycle of the system.
If you are concerned about your data center overheating or are unsure about what your existing cooling solution is please give our team a call and we can visit you onsite and make sure you are ready to continue operating efficiently over the summer months.