How Managed IT Services in Sydney Can Help Save You Money With Proactive Maintenance

Business owners are often too busy with the on goings of the core responsibilities of their enterprise that they tend to not worry about retaining a technological firm in dealing with managed IT concerns for their Sydney business even if there are already minor and recurring IT network concerns.

There may also be a certain degree of scepticism as to the value of the services that a Sydney managed IT structure especially when their current IT system seems to be doing fine. In this day and age where cyber crime is so rampant, businesses, whether a home based small venture or a large conglomerate, should take a pro-active stance in protecting their hard earned company assets and data from cyber racketeers by hiring a proficient managed IT partner for their Sydney office to ensure security and continued business productivity.

All businesses want to do away with network downtimes because this equates to decrease of not just profits from the duration that your system was inoperable, but also to possible loss of clients and customers. Not to mention having to pay employee wages while they are being unproductive and spending more on getting the mismanaged IT system in Sydney back up and running. A reliable provider for a correctly managed IT system in Sydney which takes a proactive standpoint in maintaining the health of your business network is very much needed.


What To Expect from A Sydney Managed IT System With Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance from a reliable managed IT network provider in Sydney would focus on both software and hardware health.  This entails real-time 24/7 Sydney managed IT system monitoring, regularly scheduled hardware and software performance assessments, user practices, and management of your managed IT Sydney system resources.

The first step would be an evaluation of your existing hardware, software, and network much like going to the mechanic for a general check-up of your vehicle. Do you have the correct hardware that is compatible with the software or programs needed for your line of business (what kind of motor do you have, because you cannot be doing Formula 1 with a mini cooper engine)? Do you have protective software and do you have the latest updates (do you use premium engine oil and when was the car’s last tune up)?  Does your computer run smoothly on your Sydney managed IT network (does the car run smoothly on the highway, and if not, are the problems to do with potholes and speed bumps on the road or the machine itself)?

After a general assessment and implementation of what needs to be improved and updated, a good managed IT group in Sydney would then be putting back-up systems in place to make sure that all your important data will be safe and recoverable in case of hardware failure or network interruptions.  If physical network servers are experiencing down time, being able to access the back-up data on hosted or cloud servers may prove to be efficient.

Your employees need not sit and wait for the local servers to be back online since the Sydney managed IT provider put alternative systems in place so your staff can just log on to the world wide web and resume their usual activities. A reliable managed IT group in Sydney would also ensure round the clock monitoring, routine updates, and regular assessment of user logs to determine which practices or programs causes hitches on the network and fixing such concerns.


How Does Procuring A Managed IT Service in Sydney Save You Money?

Assigning a Sydney managed IT firm to do proactive maintenance and real-time remote monitoring may seem like a needless expenditure but if you actually do the math and compare the amount of potential business profit losses for a day or up to a week of hardware and network downtimes versus the managed IT Sydney packaged services monthly or annual fees then the logical choice. The figures would of course depend on how much each of your employees and your company as a whole company makes per hour, multiplied to the number of hours that the business IT system was disabled.

The simplest of network repairs alone would cost at least $75 to fix but what if the extend of the damage requires spending more or taking days to be repaired? Keep in mind that ninety percent of network and system downtimes are due to failures that could have been avoided and quickly rectified if only a veritable Sydney managed IT group was able to prevent it.