How to manage a mobile work force

How to manage a mobile work force

Never before in modern times have workers had so much autonomy over their work days. We live in an age of immediate satisfaction with the growing use of mobile technologies we are now able to engage with family, friends, employees and clients anywhere in the world 24/7.

No longer do we rely on a simple telephone call to do business, we can undertake face to face meetings via Skype, unified communications platforms and undertake efficient business through modern technologies. This is leading to workers being able to achieve more on the road and working from home.

Today’s managers are at a crossroads, needing to balance flexibility and productivity. Traditionally, their role was to supervise, direct, and interact face-to-face with employees. That was easier with employees at their desks from nine to five. Managers could stop by at any time and check in. Now how can they maintain solid oversight while allowing their employees the freedom to work remotely?

Also, you must be up to date on technology for sharing information, communicating decisions, and collaborating on projects quickly and cost-effectively. CMS IT recommends the following applications to allow you to manage a mobile workforce:

  • Virtualize your data and create accessible links to shared drives that employees can access from home
  • Take your phone handset with you – Set up a softphone on your teams laptops meaning they can receive and make important calls as if they were using their extension at their desk
  • Operate from the cloud – move your existing infrastructure to the cloud which offers accessibility 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Go to Meeting – Team Viewer – Utilise applications that allow you to conduct screen sharing conference calls for multiple users.

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