How to prevent being Hacked!

Have you noticed an increased number of spam emails reaching your inbox? Cybercrime is on the rise and there are victims every day, from the individual purchasing something online to the big banks who now spend millions on combatting the hackers and attempting to make their systems more secure. The interesting fact is that many small businesses are unaware of the risk and often bypass the need for a protection or fail to take preventative measures to secure their business.

Over the next few years we are all going to hear a lot more about cybercrime as ageing computers become more vulnerable to the malice of the hackers and as hackers become more sophisticated in their attacks. Hackers are now looking to get into your networks and Cloud systems using staff usernames and passwords. Although it is impossible to become 100% safe from all possible attacks it is very easy and simple to protect yourself from more common attacks and ensure your business security is standout. See our guide below:

  • Utilise a password management system
  • Encrypt Data
  • Backup and Secure Data
  • Implement multiple security technology