Is Windows 10 the answer to your IT Solutions?

While we have to wait for a little while longer before Microsoft finally releases Windows 10, people everywhere from gamers to IT solutions experts, are already optimistic about the upcoming OS’ newest features. Whether or not Microsoft actually delivers on these promises is an altogether different article.


Goodbye Internet Explorer, you will not be missed

Finally, all those memes about how slow and frustratingly laggy Internet Explorer is, will finally be put to rest.  Microsoft has scrapped the most ridiculed browser in the history of computers and announced the release of Project Spartan.  This new browser is in itself, packed full of new features including but not limited to:

  • a new note taking feature that allows users on touch-enabled devices to make notes on a webpage and share it directly to social media.
  • a new read mode that allows user to create their own reading list of articles
  • a built-in Cortana – Microsoft’s answer to SIRI for Spartan


The Return of the Start Menu

It’s about time! Microsoft has finally listened to its users and brought back the Start Menu – with a twist.  When users click on the Start Menu on Windows 10, they will get the old Start Menu along with some of the features from Windows 8.1 like Live Tiles which can be customized to a user’s preference.  The resurrected Start Menu can also be maximized and the search field will also search the internet along with files and local directories.  IT solutions insiders all agree that bringing this feature back will also see the return of Microsoft’s appeal to the end users they lost when they rolled out Windows 8 and ended support for Windows XP.


Across the Board Apps

Apps that work on Windows 10 will now work across all devices that run the same OS including Windows Phones, tablets, PCs and Xbox One.  This is probably what those who work in IT solutions are most excited about.  It’s not surprising really, because with this feature, as it would make their jobs easier with apps and solutions are never that far away and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

It’s no wonder that Windows 10 has got many IT insiders, end users and developers excited.  This new OS promises to bring Microsoft back to the top, with its new features geared towards both the consumers and businesses.