IT Managed Services – Keeping Your Company at Pace with Technology

Information Technology has exponentially evolved over the past few years what with all the up-to-the-minute technological advancements and their resulting convergence with almost all types of businesses. What this means is businesses must keep up with the progression of information technology without putting a marked dent on the company’s resources.

However, it has become counter-productive to hire a team of individuals, each with their own varying skills on a more permanent basis. Not one company can cover the full range of these extremely developing IT solutions by constantly hiring another person that specializes on the new techniques every time one is released.

Thankfully there is another way to keep up with these innovations and that would be to work with an IT managed services firm.  They have established various services with their corresponding cost effective fees that would meet your specific needs and your finances to ensure you have the IT solutions fitted to your business.


Some of the more common IT managed services functions are as follows:

Server and Client PC Support

A team of certified engineers are tasked to maintain server functionality and performance and provide remote and onsite assistance and monitor all client requests.

Local Area Network (LAN) Administration

Coordinating the arrangement and cabling of LANs and troubleshooting connectivity issues (such accessing the internet, files, printer and etc.)

Wide Area Network (WAN) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Administration

The overseeing of a larger network that extends outside the business premises whilst ensuring security and privacy are maintained at all times.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Solutions
A fully IT managed services company also provides data protection and uninterrupted work and email to its clients ensuring that any form of malicious ware, spyware and viruses are kept out of the systems.

Remote Access Solutions
Facilitates employees to have access to files and data with security anytime and anywhere as needed.

Wireless Solutions (LAN/Broadband)
Ensures that clients constantly have fast and  consistent internet connection by constantly monitoring uptimes and downtimes and by keeping up to date with internet service providers in any event of system or maintenance upgrades that could disrupt internet services.

Data and Voice Cabling
Proper installation of data and voice capable hardware and software that have demonstrated compliance with the industry standards

Web Hosting and Development
An IT managed services company can also be tasked in establishing a business’ strong presence over the internet for more profitability, marketability and visibility by ensuring that search engine optimization is being handled professionally

Cloud-based Services
Provide highly expandable storage and computing capabilities to businesses that wish to have their data stored on a more secure and dependable location