IT Managed Services News For Sydney Businesses

Having an enterprise supported and protected by a dependable IT managed services team in Sydney means business owners and their staff can better perform their duties because their business machines are in top form.

Businesses need not worry too much when things go wrong, if things go wrong at all, because the IT managed services group in Sydney can quickly repair business machines and recover important business data that may have been compromised. We of course, especially business owners, do not want anything to go wrong, so we do our best to try and prevent  computer down times and security breaches that are caused by human error so it is ideal to keep abreast with what is happening in the digital world. Here are the latest updates on the digital front that you and your IT managed services team should know.


Do Not Use Public USBs For Charging

You and your IT managed services steam in Sydney are most likely aware that almost everyone uses USB cables to transfer data and charge their laptops, phones, and other gadgets. This is well and good if you are using it at home but be careful where you stick your usb cable into. Kapersky Lab, a renowned security vendor, warns the public that not all USB ports are safe to use. Cyber criminals can infect your mobile gadgets with malicious software and steal your precious files if connected to an unsafe USB connection.

USB ports were specifically designed for data transfer. Most phones with Android OS has protection that restricts data transmission over USB except when the phone is unlocked while it is plugged in but most people use their phones while it is charging. Users are unknowingly letting cyber attackers through via the public USB charging ports where hackers can download viruses and malware without the users being aware. Your IT managed services team in Sydney most likely knows that even if the charging phone stays locked, data transmission is still possible with the use of AT-commands, which hackers can use to download malicious software onto your phone and steal your SIM card data including your contacts, then make calls, yes even international ones, that will surely jack up your phone bill.


Card Verification Value Codes At The Back Of Credit Cards Are Hackable

CVV or CVV2 codes at the back of credit cards used to be our assurance that fraudsters would not be able to use our credit card and personal information to make fraudulent purchases at our expense but it is no longer that strong of an assurance.  Business owners and IT managed services teams in Sydney are aware that merchants are not allowed to store the CVV information on the back of credit cards so how can hackers get the information? Cyber attackers use phishing schemes and target a certain merchant’s website and install keyloggers that are web-based on the site which sends all the customer data to the hacker’s server.

Payment information (debit and credit card) called “dumps” get stolen using malwares or skimmers on cash register systems of POS (point of sale) systems. These dumps are sold in underground cyber markets for $25-40 each. If your business has a dependable IT managed services team in Sydney which monitors and keeps your machines and systems updated then they would be able to quickly flag any suspicious activities and prevent this from happening. Otherwise, the stolen payment information from your POS systems can be used to create physical clones of the payment cards. Fraudsters will then use these cards for purchases under your name or your client’s name and accounts, or even draw out cash from ATMs.

Your IT managed services team in Sydney should also monitor your website regularly so that cyber attackers would not be able to install web-based keyloggers or trojans that can grab passwords and other information on online forms. This is how hackers get clients’ names, addresses, birth date, post code, phone number, payment card number, and CVV information when they use check out forms on ecommerce websites. On the other hand, machines infected with banking trojans lays in wait on the client’s side. Cyber criminals are really working double time to steal payment information so businesses and their IT managed services teams in Sydney should also be doubling their efforts in keeping business systems safe and secure.