IT Solutions to Look for in IT Managed Services in Sydney for 2016

IT Solutions to Look for in IT Managed Services in Sydney for 2016

We’re only on the first few weeks of the new year but already the buzz about improvements on existing IT solutions in IT managed services in Sydney for 2016, namely remote monitoring and management, cloud hosting and backup and disaster recovery are shaking up the business world.

Many managed services providers are enthusiastic about the newest developments such as more cost-effective internet fees with improved internet speeds and a significant decrease in outages that will push these three services to the front of the pack.  These developments will also make it easier for them to remotely manage and monitor their customers’ business networks as well as push the move to virtualise some elements of daily business operations through cloud hosting services.


Cloud Hosting Services

This 2016, more and more businesses are moving to the cloud.  With services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, business owners are acknowledging the advantages of being able to work from any location that has an internet connection.  Mobility, accessibility and the ability to seamlessly pull off collaborative projects are the most critical features of cloud hosting services, not to mention an increase in reliability and security.  This is why cloud hosting is one of the more in demand IT managed services in Sydney for 2016.


Remote Monitoring and Management

Another in demand IT solution under IT management services in Sydney is remote monitoring and management.  This IT service allows third party providers keep a better grip on proactively monitoring and managing customers’ business networks to prevent instances of outages and server breakdowns. And as previously stated, the increasing affordability of internet fees, the push for this IT management services in Sydney solution will definitely keep progressively growing as 2016 continues.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Not all businesses are making the switch to virtualising their work environments which is why backup and disaster recovery, another IT managed services in Sydney solution still ranks among the top most in demand IT solutions for businesses.  That and the fact that the proliferation of spam, viruses and malicious software is bigger and stronger as well, the capability to ensure that files are consistently backed up for easy recovery and accessibility is crucial for any kind of business.