IT Support Insiders – Windows 10 Office Delivers Touch-Optimized Universal Apps

If you’re one of those who have installed the latest version of the Windows 10 technical preview on your desktop, laptop or tablet, then you’re in luck as Microsoft has now rolled out the new touch-optimized versions of their universal apps: Word, Excel, Outlook, One Note and PowerPoint.

These Office universal apps have been designed to run specifically on Windows 10 and with touch in mind.  They are also aimed at providing the same functionality to all Office users regardless of what their devices are.  So what does this mean?  IT support insiders are saying that users will be able to create or edit a document on their mobile phones or tablets and pick up exactly where they left off on their laptops or desktops.  A bold claim, which a lot of people are hoping to see backed up with actual performance.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Office suite will come pre-installed on all Windows mobiles and tablets when Windows 10 ships later this 2015.  Add to that, Microsoft is also hard at work on an Office 2016 suit for PC users that do not have touch-optimized devices.  Release of said suite is slated later this year as well.  All this comes at the heels of Microsoft’s strengthened commitment to focus more on improving Microsoft Office on all devices since Satya Nadella took over as CEO last year.

Microsoft has since then rolled out new and free Office apps for both iPhone and iPad users, as well as Android tablet users.  Additionally, Microsoft also managed to satisfy many longtime users with the brand-new Outlook app for iOS and Android.  This has been a long time coming, according to some IT support insiders.  Users have been clamoring for a proper email app since forever.  According to Microsoft, the new Outlook app will also support non-Microsoft email accounts – great news for Gmail and Yahoo mail users.  The app, which is basically a repackaged version of an email app that Microsoft acquired last year called Accompli, will also be carried over to the touch-optimized version of Outlook for Windows 10.