Making Work-from-Home for Small Teams Possible with Sharepoint

One of the challenges of medium- to large-sized organizations is the high turnover rate for staff.  An identified cause of dissatisfaction in work cultures is the lack of flexibility in the manner which staff can deliver results. This means the general and acceptable culture is for companies to put a premium in physical attendance of staff in the office as part of the criteria in determining a person’s overall value to the company. This rather traditional approach to work presence is often considered by the younger workforce as a hindrance in achieving work-life balance.

Luckily, many organizations are starting to acknowledge the importance of workforce flexibility and are providing more support for staff to maximize this working arrangement. A big part of this arrangement relies on the availability of official resources even if the employee is working remotely. This is made possible by the availability of cloud-based storage and collaborative systems.

Small teams are also now able to enjoy such solutions, particularly through Office365 and Sharepoint. One particularly outstanding feature of Sharepoint is the capacity to create Communication Sites. More like normal websites but built for a more internal audience, building Sharepoint Communication Sites is easy and can be managed by a busy small team. With inputs coming from all angles, it is ideal to have a communication site that can be easily updated, edited, and published by anybody from the working team. This allows people who are working remotely to still have real-time access to information and updates from the office, whenever content is made and published onThis -the-go.

Small teams need to be agile, fast, and efficient. This is precisely why it is often preferred that all members of the team are in one physical space to make communication fast and simple. But, while this sounds logical, small teams are now evolving to include people from different locations. Businesses can now hire experts not just from the city but from the other side of the world. The CEO can be based in Sydney, the Financial Director in Hong Kong, while the Operations Manager and outsourced support staff are in the Philippines. And they could all be, in fact, working from home, without the need to occupy physical office space.

This capacity to secure one’s livelihood and job while looking after one’s family or being conveniently located at home in hyper-busy and ultra-traffic megacities can really bring about long-term solutions not just for the small business but for the people making the business possible. Talk to CMSIT today to learn how your small business can start offering work-from-home benefits by getting Office365 and Sharepoint solutions.