Managed IT Security and Protection

Protect your business data against unwanted visitors. Your network and data can be compromised or worse erased with the mere click of a button by unscrupulous persons. Even the most cutting-edge network can be hacked by the most persistent of hackers and trouble makers just for the fun of it! Feel more secure against spam, viruses, malware and file corruption with CMSIT by your side.


The so obtrusive and worrisome spam, viruses, malware and file corruption are just some of the many possible threats to your otherwise worry free business network.  Watchguard – one of the world’s most fully-integrated and multifaceted network threat protection systems in the industry is here to check your system against these threats. CMSIT’s WatchGuard certified engineers can implement a suitable Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance to provide your network top of the line security measures.


Let CMSIT secure your premises, assure your employees safety and undertake forensic surveillance to ensure that your assets are not compromised in any way. Combining the power of CCTV technology with the Internet means your security system can readily be accessed from an Internet browser (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device). Providing easy, remote access to live and recorded video anytime, anywhere you need it. CMSIT can provide remote video monitoring, IP cameras, IP surveillance software support and maintenance and backup storage for video footage.


Silent inside threats such as fraud, laundering, information leaks and IP theft could do a lot of damage to a host of businesses. Be wary of these fears lest your business fall victim to such threats by making sure you put a secure system in place that can identify and lessen these types of malicious insider activities.


State-of-the-art software that proactively monitors your key network servers and infrastructure to identify issues before they occur is what makes CMSIT a cut above the rest. This system automatically scans and checks hardware health to ensure your network always receives the maximum possible uptime and performance.


In today’s highly competitive business scene, disasters can also mean power outages and computer hacking aside from earthquakes, floods and fires. That is why a competent disaster recovery plan is very important for a business. CMSIT’s team of experts can tailor fit a package so your business won’t be left hanging in the dark if and when disaster strikes.


IP Telephony is the solution to reducing telephone bills and improves inter-department communications. CMSIT can recommend and implement a system that is customized for your requirements so company expenses are of the minimum.


CMSIT Australia will design, supply, install and maintain an electrical or data solution that will cover your specific requirements in synch with your business goals. All work are handled by qualified networking engineers and licensed electricians from installing security or fire systems to entire electrical and cabling fit outs. Be assured, we provide the same kind of service and importance to small and large businesses with high to relatively-low tech industries.