Managed IT Security – Protecting Your Business through Your IT Managed Service Plan

Managed IT Security – Protecting Your Business through Your IT Managed Service Plan

Business operations are not only affected by infrastructure breaking down.  Spam emails carrying malicious software, file corruption and security breaches are all possible threats to your day to day operational productivity.   As a business owner, you have to make sure that your business and the infrastructure and systems that it takes to run it are protected from any external threats.  A good IT managed service plan should include managed IT security as one of its services.

An IT managed service should have a comprehensive managed IT security feature that aims to efficiently secure your business from getting compromised by something as insignificant as spam mail or as substantial as break-ins and theft.  There are varied types of managed IT security that ensures different aspects of your business are safeguarded from every possible threat.


Network Security

Nothing wreaks more havoc to a business’ day to day operation than a virus.  With a simple click of the mouse, a virus can be unwittingly downloaded into your system which can cause files to be corrupted, compromised or worse, completely destroyed.  With an IT managed service plan that offers comprehensive network security that would monitor, filter out and successfully prevent any and all known malicious threats from infecting and bogging down your network.


IP Surveillance

Your IT managed service plan should not only aim to protect your network, it should also be able to provide security and protection for your staff and your business premises.  A comprehensive IP surveillance system can ensure that your business is monitored at all times through a network of strategically placed video cameras that allow you to access their feeds from an internet browser.  These video cameras should also be able to record footage that can be replayed and reviewed when needed.

Protect your business from any threats that could cause your day to day operation to be disrupted.  Talk to your IT managed service provider to ensure that your IT managed service plans includes managed IT security and never again worry about your employees’ safety and your business’ security.