Managed IT Services News For Darwin Businesses

A dependable managed IT services team in Darwin would be up to date in the latest goings on in the technological scene. Here’s some of the latest tech news that could affect your Darwin business.


Risk of Battery Fire for HP Notebooks

HP has recently issued a recall order for batteries sold with their range of business and consumer notebooks due to concerns that the devices might catch fire. Pavilion, Envy, ProBook, and Compaq laptops that were bought between March-August 2015 should turn off the device to remove the battery and take note of the identification numbers. HP advised that users should cease use of the said batteries immediately. Users can still utilise their HP machines using external power. You and your managed IT services team in Darwin might already be aware that this is already the fourth incident in Australia that concerns battery recall for notebooks. Toshiba, Panasonic, and Sony also issued similar battery recalls all within the span of four weeks.

HP is offering replacements free of charge. Returns and recalls would be easier for businesses that employ the services of a managed IT services group for their Darwin business since they would not have to worry about contacting multiple vendors for similar and other concerns.


Malicious Software That Can Secretly Install Programs To Androids

If your business utilises any android phones, tablets, or gadgets then you and your managed  IT services team in Darwin should be on the look out for a new kind of malware that can be found in seemingly legitimate applications. This malware can root your gadgets and phones, then covertly install unwanted applications and programs. This malicious software is being called Godless and had been found lurking about on application stores, including that of Google Play. Gadgets on 5.1 lollipop Android and earlier versions of the platform can be affected, and that accounts for over 90% of all devices on Android platforms. Trend Micro, a famous security firm who released the information earlier this week, says that the malware uses exploits in rooting the phone or gadget operating system which creates administrative access to a certain device that allows unauthorized (by user) app installations without the user’s consent or awareness. Trend Micro added that it can even download and install spyware. A dependable managed TI service team in Darwin would be able to detect unusual activities, especially applications being covertly installed onto your Android business gadgets and stop it from spreading to other business machines.

Trend Micro says that uninstalling the malware can be a big challenge once a device has been rooted. They have found various apps on Google Play that has the malicious code. The apps that they have identified to have the remote routine ranges from Wi-Fi apps, utility apps, to popular game versions. Some of the applications have clean installations but have malicious versions sharing similar developer certificates. Managed IT services teams in Darwin should observe even clean applications that could be upgraded to malicious versions unknowingly.  Trend Micro has observed 850,000 affected Android devices to date, almost half of which are located in India. The rest of the bulk of the affected countries are in the Southeast Asian region. Trend Micro says that users and managed IT services teams in Darwin and around the world should look more into the details of the application developer before downloading and installing any kind of apps.


Mobile Users Can Now Use Samsung Pay

As of last week, Citibank and Amex customers have the capability to use their Samsung phones to process payments via Samsung Pay starting June 15th 2016. South Korea, Spain, China, and USA were the first countries to use the payment platform, making Australia the fourth nation, and Singapore the 5th country that uses Samsung Pay. If your business processes contactless payments, you and your managed IT services team in Darwin may already have the necessary hardware and software’s installed to accept payments from Galaxy Note 5 to newer versions of Galaxy phones that are running Android Marshmallow. Users can register up to 10 payment cards with Samsung Pay. The platform uses the modern NRC terminals but standard card readers with MST technology can also be used (apart from Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which does not have magnetic secure transmission feature). Payment need fingerprint scanning authentications along with Knox security scans the mobile phones to keep user’s payment information protected.