Maximizing Managed IT Services for Your Company

Low cost IT services may appear appealing for many companies which are in the early stages of outsourcing their IT requirements. But as service providers continue to populate the market, and as these boutique providers offer more customized and flexible solutions, going for the lowest bidder will not anymore be the best option for companies these days.

So, how can you get the most value for your company when you start outsourcing your IT needs?

  • Ask for recommendations and do not just seek published services on the web. 

It’s so easy to build a “credible” company on the web. Put in “client testimonials” sections, create a fantastic product line, and promise 24/7 support, Managed IT Services providers can easily look “big” and reliable through their websites. The trick is to not simply fall for these fancy websites. No matter how easy it is to just type and search for services, such as “Managed IT Security” providers within your vicinity, today’s trick is to rely on fellow business owners for recommendations. Ask who they’re partnering with to provide IT support. You could start with recommendations for a technician to provide simple technical assistance, or go straight to their business partners and ask for a full IT Systems audit. Rely on recommendations from good friends. Good technicians who actually care and understand your business are rare gems you can do business with.


  • Internal and External Support

While it is truly headache-free to somehow just throw your IT problems to an external partner, businesses should consider these providers as just external support, not necessarily internal and native to the company. External support should not necessarily replace internal support. In an ideal setting, they should work hand in hand and complement each other. For a company with at least 20 employees with a little bit of budget to hire an internal support, it is still ideal to get a full-time technician who can work closely with the external provider. The company can get a very good level 1 Technician who can address day to day requirements, and rely on a Managed IT Services provider for the “bigger” stuff such as software licensing and maintenance, strategy on system development, automation and functional tailoring for your business requirements.


  • Get providers who can do more for your business, than just IT Service support

It is true that getting the best IT support will give you value for every cent spent. But, long term, you will have to look elsewhere for more complicated and advanced requirements which may include cloud infrastructure management, application management, and business process outsourcing. Businesses should then look at their IT Service Providers and assess whether or not they can “extend” their range of services beyond just IT support. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they too would have to provide these additional services, but your service provider should at least “liaise” for you when you start looking for these advanced services. Since they know your business and needs, they should be more capable to discuss these high-level requirements with other IT solutions providers. They can at least give you an extra hand during these technical discussions, and guide you (if you trust them well enough as your partner) as to whether or not the other service providers will give you the right solution for your specific need.

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