Microsoft Windows 8.1 sees the return of the Start Button

Microsoft Windows 8.1 sees the return of the “Start Button” and adds a more intuitive interface directed as tablet and mobile devices.

As an IT service provider we are always keeping an eye on the latest technology releases and software updates so we can keep you ahead of the game. Microsoft have often been known for their egocentric approach to software applications forcing users to upgrade to sometimes unstable systems like Vista but we are excited to see Microsoft launch the new Windows 8.1 which has reintroduced the “Start Button” and provides a more intuitive interface for users, encourage a streamline flow for tablet and mobile device users.

As we move towards an interconnected, globalized business environment more and more businesses need the ability to connect 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The popularity of social media, continual consumer engagement and demands of globalization will make this new Windows 8.1 application a popular choice for businesses.

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