CMS IT: New Website Design

Yes we have, out with the old and in with the new. We’ve given our website a touch of 2015 which much emphasis on IT and the technology side of things – which is of course what we’re about!

The new website redesign carries over all of the functions and aspects of the old website and is re-arranged to be more pleasing on the eye (at least we hope it does!). We wanted to make it clear that the new website shows off our service offering of IT solutions for businesses and that you know exactly what we are offering. Stemming from the CEO himself to our engineers and project managers – who have all definitely got the ability to “translate geek to speak” and carry with them an abundance of knowledge and wisdom to help existing clients with all their IT solutions.

Of course we didn’t want to go all gung-ho on the design and instead give it a meaningful update in the form of a make-over. To our existing clients, we’ve added the option to locate TeamViewer more easier by giving it a specific Client Downloads section. For clients-to-be, the features page rolls off the website nicely using simple scroll or swipe down, depending what device you’re using. And since we’re on the subject of device, yes our new website is supported and responsive on all devices and platforms.

Check out our new website!