Reasons a Managed IT Service Provider Provides a Ton of Opportunities to Businesses!

Your business is on the upswing! It is doing great guns and you want more! Question is where do you get that added advantage?

This is where the right and a well experienced Managed IT Service Provider comes in handy.  Pointing you to the best route possible to get your business where you want to be at the least time imaginable and achieve your corporate goals with a click of a mouse! It’s easy and practical, once you see the light once you employ the services of a Managed IT Service Provider such as CMSIT. We provide expert IT Services and Solutions.

CMSIT tailor fits strategic plans to business requirements to keep you abreast if not one step ahead in your industry. We see to it to make your company more responsive to the global changes in real time and fine-tune the working environment of your organization. Expectations for more improved computer management services, fast response times and a secure system and infrastructure are musts and now a common place scenario.

IT SERVICE. Personalised and affordable packages including helpdesk and remote support, on-site support and troubleshooting, IT asset management, procurement services, data cabling and WAN services.

NETWORK SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE Our network support engineers are certified in the latest technologies. Expect expert maintenance every time and software updates.

SERVER SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE Support is critical and maintenance is expected. Engineers will show ways to maximise server productivity, providing the correct set of tools to monitor server performance and prevent costly downtimes.

DESKTOP SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE Whether a sophisticated system, profile management software, asset management software, remote control software or experienced helpdesk engineers you are safe with our expertise.

CLOUD HOSTING Get customised, affordable packages including helpdesk and remote support, on-site support and troubleshooting, IT asset management, procurement, data cabling and WAN project services.

DESKTOP HOSTING Mobility is the name of the game and our desktop hosting package is the answer when it comes to moving your business forward.

EMAIL HOSTING offers email hosting for business. Managed email hosting services including mail servers, spam filtering, email security and email utilities.

SERVER VIRTUALISATION SERVICES We will consolidate your servers, free up resources, improve flexibility and reduce costs.

APPLICATION VIRTUALISATION releases you from your operating system. Acquire mobility and increased reliability. Simplifying your application management makes everything easy.

DESKTOP VIRTUALISATION Free up your IT department’s time by reducing desktop support and resource-intensive software roll-outs. This allows applications and operating system to run from a centralised server.

ORGANIC SEARCH MARKETING Non-paid Google search processes which obtains natural placement on organic search engine result pages.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Social media is a must in everyone’s life and same goes for businesses. Social Media drives business to your website helping build brand presence.

PAID SEARCH MARKETING the best option available for immediate results, by investing in Google Adwords you get the best rate of returns.

WEB DESIGN combining SEO and Web Design is challenging. Yet our expertise works to configure and optimise your website.

With CMSIT as your Managed IT Service and Solutions Provider your business will move forward faster with a ton of opportunities available in your hands!