How An IT Service Provider in Sydney Can Help Protect Your Business

Often times, small businesses that do not have ample IT service provider support in Sydney encounter crippling cyber attacks. You can be considered very lucky if this has not happened to your own enterprise until now but that does not guarantee a safe and secure system because a malware may have taken root in your computers and you may not even know it until it is too late.

Small businesses have the tendency to believe that larger corporations are more prone to cyber attacks but recent reports from Symantec show that up to 40% of attacks by cyber criminals targeted small businesses and the impact of these attacks have been significant.  Having a reliable Sydney IT service provider can greatly lessen the risk of a cyber attack and prepare you for backup and counter measures in case it happens. Here is a quick rundown of the areas that a good IT service provider in Sydney should fortify in order to help protect your business.


Sydney IT service provider updated Anti-malware and anti-virus protection

This is quite obvious but we cannot over emphasize the importance of having the latest version of internet protection. The number of small businesses who do not have anti-malware and anti-virus protection for their internal network is also quite surprising. It takes but one infected computer for a problem to spread like wild fire so your IT service provider in Sydney should ensure that your business network have the correct security software . Other gadgets that connect to your business network, like tablets and mobile phones, also require protection software.

Spam emails, browsing harmful websites, compromised Wi-Fi network, and infected portable data storage devices are just some of the common sources of virus and malware infections. If a malware gets successfully imbedded onto one of your devices, it installs a code that unnoticeably runs and logs keystroke information, logins, usernames, and passwords that get sent back to cyber criminal attackers. This leakage of all your business and even personal information can prove to be costly and very embarrassing. A good IT service provider in Sydney can save your business from getting a surprise thousands of dollar business credit card charges, or the embarrassment of having to explain to your client that their information has been stolen, and worst, losing your clients because they no longer trust your business.


IT service provider in Sydney Secured Hardware

Although you may have updated security software in place, a lost or stolen company device that contains your business information can also lead to a cyber attack. This is a common way that confidential passwords and business data has been compromised. A reliable IT service provider in Sydney would be able to prevent exposure of business information and also the embarrassment of having your stolen information made known publicly. Your Sydney IT service provider should ensure that physical security is in place to prevent theft. Sensitive and business data on your hardware should be encrypted, especially if you store data onto a cloud, so that only the authorised parties would be able to access the information. Tracking softwares should also be used to be able to locate and recover the device, and in some cases deactivate the device, or wipe out the data remotely. Ask your IT service provider in Sydney about information on past and latest potential cyber threats so that you can relay the information to your employees so they would be able to avoid such threats. It is also best to draw up a company internet usage policy, and to monitor and filter employee internet usage.


Sydney IT Service Provider Employee Education

You may have paid for the best and most expensive software and hardware security but one of your employees might happen to download a file with a virus or chance upon a scrupulous website that causes an entire network breakdown within days or weeks. Numerous kinds of cyber attacks makes use of impersonation of a legitimate website or email making it easy for somebody to be tricked into opening a file or browsing through their pages which in turn triggers an infection. Let your IT service provider in Sydney properly configure your networks so the proper precautions and system permissions are put in place, to minimize the chances of an infection. Educating your staff regarding the signs and risks of cyber attacks are also of utmost importance.