SME Talk – Benefits of Outsourcing Your Information Technology Services Department Content

The number of SME business owners who choose to go for outsourced information technology services are showing a dramatic increase in number, not only because it means fewer headaches for them, but also because of the whopping increase in cyber security threats within this year alone.

Setting up their own information technology services department  could be tedious and quite expensive with all the hardware, software, network, and all other concerns to consider. Here is a run down of the benefits that SMEs can gain from by getting help and support from an outsourced information technology services team.


Reduced and Controlled Costing

Outsourcing your enterprise’s information technology services to a dependable MSP means being able to control expenditures with a set amount each month. Running your own information technology services department can get very expensive and the amount that you would pay for salaries alone would already be as much as the MSP monthly fee. Managed service providers also offer cloud hosted servers and hardware that can be rented so there would not be a huge initial cost for establishing and running your company’s information technology services needs. There is also hardware wear and tear to consider. MSP with cloud hosted services would replace hardware upon deterioration or failure so your information technology services costs would be predictable and controlled.


Maintaining Focus On Your Core Business

Your enterprise may be an accounting, construction, engineering or law firm and that are the core competencies that you should be focused on, not your information technology services department. Companies, especially small to medium sized businesses, have a limit to resources but having an outsourced information technology services department means you need not spend too much time and money on non-core activities. You can then focus on activities that would provide better returns since your resources have been freed up for other areas that can help the business grow and become even more successful.


Latest in Modern Technologies

The best MSP’s from which you should outsource your information technology services department from should bring the latest knowledge in world-class technologies. If you have a brick and mortar shop like a café or restaurant, the qualified MSP would know which type of POS (point of sale) systems would best fit your kind of business. If your line of business is in realty, law, construction, or even dentistry, then the MSP would be able to give you advice on which tools would help increase your workplace productivity. Good MSPs hire qualified engineers who regularly attend seminars and classes to get certified on the latest updates.


Whole Year Round Monitoring

You may  have hired qualified and knowledgeable IT personnel but would they be around 24/7 throughout 365 days of the year? Outsourcing your information technology services to a capable MSP who has the tools and the workforce who are actively looking out for issues that may arise and threats to protect your system from is the best way to ensure that your business computers and networks are protected. The MSP will also have back-ups of your important business information so you can still have access to business data even when things go wrong. Business continuity is essential so avoiding downtimes is high in priority. Software crashes, spyware and virus intrusions, database corruption, hardware failure, and worse – back up corruption are just some of the disastrous scenarios that your business may encounter. Having an outsourced information technology services department who can pull your business systems back up online in a matter of minutes or hours means less business disruption and very little to zero profit loss.


Strategic IT Planning

As your business grows, so will your information technology services needs. Your partner MSP will be able to help not with just latest technology trends suited for your line of business, but also with increasing demands for when you need to enlarge your workforce and stations or even expand into new markets.


Better Productivity For All Departments

Without having to worry about downtimes, expenditures, and being able to focus on core competencies since you have a dependable outsourced information technology service department, increased productivity is guaranteed. Having the latest technological tools can help streamline business processes making things move along quicker and more efficiently.

If you run an eatery with the latest POS then it would be easy to take note of which ingredients have been used up and which ones were not consumed so inventory checks and order lists would be done in minutes instead of hours. That is just one example but no matter what line of business you are in, having the correct and latest business tools and expertise of an outsourced information technology services department will definitely result to increased productivity.