Stop the hackers

You’re not just imaging it, lately a new data breach has occurred in major organisations almost weekly. From Sony to Staples to Kmart, multinational organisations are seeing more hacking intrusions on their internal data, so the question is how do you as a smaller business protect your vital information?

CMS IT have put together a bunch of great ideas to prevent data hacks and secure your valued details:

Conduct a Security Audit: If you don’t know what part of your business is vulnerable then you can’t know which part needs protecting

Make staff aware of the important role they play in security – You can’t monitor your teams actions every minute of the day and most staff have access to channels which can deliver the greatest threats such as the internet. Brief your team on the importance of online security.

Use Strong and Multiple Passwords – This sounds simple but when you receive a request to change your password you are often in a rush and type in something so simple which is a dream for hackers.

Encrypt your data – this is a great tool in preventing hackers from understanding your data. If a USB stick is lost or files stolen and if they are encrypted the hacker has little chance of being able to translate them and therefore keeps your data safe.

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up: I’m not talking about your driving… Back Up your vital information so if it is lost you can restore it quickly and it has less of an impact on your team and business.

Protect your mobile workforce: Your sales team of 10 years ago is nothing like your sales team of today, with the ever changing mobile landscape and people working away from the office and away from protected security networks your business is become more at risk. It is important to make sure that when mobile or tablet technology is connected to open networks that it is properly secured.

If you have any concerns about the security of your own business, we would be happy to assist in creating a secure and accessible environment for your business and your team. To speak with our friendly team contact us on 1300-1-26748 or send us an email.