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If your business computers that have Microsoft Windows operating system make use of Apple QuickTime then your Sydney IT services team should immediately start on uninstalling the program and finding a better alternative.

Apple has discontinued support and has issued a warning to the Department of Homeland Security of the USA. There has been report of two critical issues or security loop hole in Windows user Quicktime that will not have new security patches that will leave computers vulnerable to cyber attacks that can greatly compromise systems of Windows users. The program will still work for Windows systems but it is best for your Sydney IT services team to get rid of the program since continued use of QuickTime will increase the danger of security breaches, viruses, theft of confidential data, and damage to business assets.

The browser Google Chrome has also discontinued support for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and older versions of the Mac OS X. If your business computers still use these operating systems, then best let your Sydney IT services team install a more secure browser onto your system, or better yet update your operating system. This may sound like a push from both Windows and Mac operating systems for user to do upgrades to be able to use the latest version of the Chrome browser but the world’s most widely used browser itself has joined in nudging users since they declared that the latest Chrome 50 browser will require at least Mac OS Mavericks X 10.9 or Windows 7.

Some businesses may find concerns if they have existing programs that may not be compatible with these latest Operating System versions so it is best to get in touch with your Sydney IT services group to find out your best recourse. It is best to address these concerns immediately since security patches and updates will no longer be available leaving Chrome users on older operating systems at risk from cyber threats. Vista or XP users would have had their computer for six years now but Mac still had 10.8 Mountain Lion on sale until the last quarter of 2013. Upgrades to El Capitan and Windows 10 are free of charge and new computers will have the latest Chrome browser version already installed.

If you are thinking of having your Sydney IT service team install a new OS altogether since many computers no long feel that it is safe to use Windows XP then mainstream Linux versions like Linux Mint might be an option for you. It is pretty similar to Windows XP and even Windows 7 and has an added Chronium browser as Chrome has also discontinued the support for Linux users. Chromium is very similar to Chrome since it contains the core code of Chrome. Mint also has Firefox browser included. If you are seriously considering switching to Linux then speak with your Sydney IT service provider regarding having a dual boot system so you can keep your legacy software and old operating system.

Microsoft has also discontinued updates for earlier versions of IE as they drive Windows computer owners towards their latest Edge browser and Windows 10 OS. If your business computers run on older Windows operating systems and still use Internet Explorer then your Sydney IT systems provider should update your browser to IE 11 to enable latest security updates. Your Sydney IT Systems team cannot however install IE 11 onto Windows Vista or XP. Windows XP updates were already discontinued and Visa updates will be discontinued around this time in 2017. Can you feel the nudging and pushing yet again?

Meanwhile, Safari 9 browser for Apple OS is not compatible to Macs that have Mountain Lion or older OS versions, with Mountain Lion updates that have already been discontinued in 2015. Your Sydney IT services team may suggest the use of other popular browsers, like Opera and Firefox, which offer the best support for older Mac and Windows operating systems but beware, underlying OS hidden security issues which have yet to be patched still leaves vulnerabilities to being hacked.  Once again, it is best to inquire with your Sydney IT services group on how to work around these concerns to ensure that your computers are safe from cyber attacks and that your business continues to run smoothly.