The 3 M’s of IT Management Services

The 3 Ms of IT Management Services

Obtaining IT management services for your business entails the complete or partial turnover of control to a third party with the express objectives of improving current procedural protocols, increasing operational productivity, implementation of client-specific policies and to help existing work force become familiar and adept with basic IT concepts and processes.

IT management services as a way to facilitate improvement within a business is characterized by three Ms – monitoring, maintenance and manpower.  To be able to successfully implement IT management services within a business, all three facets must come into play to promote continual progress.



Once a working IT management services plan has been assessed, structured and put into place, proactive monitoring is immediately started to ensure that all systems are working cohesively.  This kind of monitoring also helps prevent any network or infrastructural issues from worsening which could result to longer downtimes and non-productive workdays.  For IT management services plans to hit their objectives, proactive monitoring is an essential and critical facet that needs to be implemented properly.



IT management services plans, no matter how well structured it is, will at some point experience breakdowns and glitches.  Such is the truth of IT systems and infrastructure – things break.  However, with proper maintenance procedures in place, the risk of prolonged downtimes is minimized.  Under this IT management services facet is helpdesk and/or onsite support.  For IT management services to be effective, support should be readily available and accessible for faster application of resolutions.



IT management services is not just about protocols, procedures and resolutions.  It is about the delivery these resolutions and protocols by individuals with expert and specific skill sets that is relevant to the services that are in place within a business.  Implementation and delivery of resolutions can only be effectively done by a team of professional IT people.  Additionally, IT management services plans should always have a point person that will help liaise customers with their providers easily and more accessibly.  By doing this, the chain of responsibility and protocol is established appropriately preventing any delay of resolution application.