The Advantages of Working with a Third Party IT Support Company

The Advantages of Working with a Third Party IT Support Company

Are you a business owner?  Are the challenges of running your company overwhelming you?  Do you often find yourself wishing you could just focus on the nucleus of your business and not worry about the printer jamming or the computer freezing and the hundreds of other little things that happen in the course of a day?  The answer to your worries is third party IT support.

Third party IT support happens when a business entity partners up with an external IT support company who will be tasked to oversee most if not all IT-related functions in the day to day operations.  IT support ranges from the very basic tasks such as desktop or laptop troubleshooting to the more complex such as network and server monitoring, scheduled backups and even procurement.

There are many benefits to working with an IT support company:

  1. Expert help is never far away.  Most IT support don’t just offer remote and onsite support, but also 24/7 helpdesk availability.  This is extremely beneficial for companies who have employees working offsite.  They can call in from wherever they are at whatever time they need IT support.
  2. Predictable monthly cost.  With this kind of arrangement, you know what services you are entitled to depending on the financial plan you signed up for.  Your business is protected from surprise extra charges and you can customize the services you’re paying for according to your IT needs.
  3. Service flexibility.  IT support companies have payment plans that you can choose from depending on what you need.  You can pay a monthly fee for minimal to full services or pay as you call for support.  Either way, you still get the expert help that your company needs.
  4. Disaster Recovery.  Partnering with an IT support company assures you that your business will continue to function in the aftermath of natural or manmade disasters.  Especially these days when cybercrime is rampant.  A workplace wide infection can definitely cause operational delays and downtimes.  With an IT support company handling your backups, downtime will only be minimal while data is restored.
  5. With an IT support company managing your servers and data management centers, staff performance and productivity is improved regardless if they’re working onsite or remotely.

CMS Information Technology is an IT support company that focuses on creating an efficient and productive working environment for businesses.  CMS IT’s extensive range of services is manned by a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that your business is consistently up and running smoothly.