The Future Of Your Startup With Managed IT Security

Today, some of the most immediate threats to Startup Operations are not only focused on physical infrastructure, damage to assets, or unmanaged liabilities. The most immediate and costly threats lie in the mishandling of digital and online assets. So how can startups secure their future by resorting to managed IT Security and outsourcing such an essential function to another company?

  • Focus on product development – When startup founders and teams are able to focus on product development, growth is inevitable. But with growth comes an increase in size of data and customer interactions. When founders and managers become too stretched across different functions and requirements of their business operations, focus is diluted especially towards functions which they don’t have an expertise in. Many startups fail in the aspect of securing their IT infrastructure, unless one of their founders has a strong background in technology and support. Passing this function onto the specialists can unburden the operations team and allow them to refocus on product development.
  • Quicker turnaround time for resolution- Even if the founder of the startup has a background in Information Technology, he or she cannot and should not spend more than 30% of his / her time in purely resolving IT issues or strategizing how to improve the business’ infrastructure to sustain its growth. The founder should, in fact, share if not totally delegate this function to a trusted IT specialist. While a lot of IT practitioners out there can rip off money from businesses, the IT space is becoming more competitive. Therefore, there is a growing assurance for startups that there will be IT providers who will respond to their needs at the best possible price. When this function is fully handed over to a specific point person in the small and growing organization, resolving a lot of the IT issues would be faster and more efficient.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust. – For businesses with major parts of operations online, getting customers’ trust becomes crucial for client retention and repeat purchase. Any threat to data security decreases the business’ reliability and affects its brand and image. ensuring clients that the company is investing in digital and IT security improves satisfaction and helps both client and owner sleep better at night.

Getting the right partner for managing the IT infrastructure becomes a crucial decision for any startup. It is best to consult different IT providers to make sure one gets the best value for money for such technical services.