The importance of having a single trusted provider for all your IT Needs

Lately, we have been talking with business owners about the challenges they encounter with their IT. A common complaint was that it is difficult to manage multiple providers. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of outsourcing all our technology needs to a single managed IT solutions provider.

Benefits of Utilizing One IT Service Provider

* Ease of Communication – outsourcing everything to a single provider makes it easy for business owners to communicate their IT needs. The provider will provide a single helpdesk hotline. Businesses can simply call the helpdesk for the problems and requirements.

The helpdesk will analyze the concern, record, and course through the right people to fix the problem. Helpdesks also tracks all reports, ensuring the needs of the clients are addressed and not missed out.

* Better Coordination– if you have a project that requires multiple vendors to collaborate, you will experience a big pain on this. It will take a lot of planning and meetings to get these folks to sit down and work together. It will require time-consuming coordination to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Another disadvantage of outsourcing to multiple vendors is that if a problem breaks out these providers often play the blame game. We have seen this in a lot of complex projects. The network provider, the software developer, and the deployment provider point fingers.

This is a serious problem. Instead of focusing on addressing the issue, people cover their asses. It also diminishes teamwork which is essential for project success.

* Savings– if you outsource to a single provider, you can leverage on getting more discounts for all your IT works. Providers will be happy to lessen the costs or increase their service offering for the same amount of money,

Business owners have more room to negotiate the deal since they are bringing more business for the provider. We have seen huge cost-savings for owners with this strategy. It is a big bang for the buck.

* Better Information Sharing– related to the first benefit. Having a single provider ensures that project knowledge and best practices are more effectively shared. The provider and the business have better communication and nothing gets lost in translation.

* Better Service– having one provider increases the chances for better service. The provider and the company will see their relationship as a business partner. It will be in the best interest of the provider to provide high-quality service to preserve such relationship.

Many business owners complained that their needs are not addressed quickly. If the provider sees the value of being a strategic partner, their management will ensure to take good care of their valued clients.

Tips on Finding the Right Single Provider

* Check the Capabilities– verify if the provider has the expertise to cover all your IT needs. Do they offer software development? Do they offer network and cloud management? Can they deploy to your stakeholders?

* Validate their Experience– who are their previous clients? Are they happy with their service? Did they encounter problems with their clients? If so how were they able to address it and keep the client happy?

* Review their Commitment– check their service level agreements. How long can they respond to your requests and issues? Do they have the technology and people capacity to deliver your IT needs?