The Many Components and Facets of IT Management Services

The Many Components and Facets of IT Management Services

Application development, application maintenance, data center operations, database administration, desktop support – these are just a few of the IT solutions that fall under the broad spectrum that is IT management services.  Additionally, based on an annual survey, these are the top 11 IT functions in the industry today. These services, in one way or another, help business owners propel their companies to the front of the pack, by streamlining and effectively utilizing the advantages information technology specifically the benefits of utilizing IT management services in the daily business operations.

  • Application Development is a structured process of creating a program to perform tasks like keeping track of sales transactions, maintaining customer details and accelerating business process within the company.
  • Application maintenance on the other hand is enhancing and optimizing your applications so that the programs used will continue support productivity and your changing needs.
  • Data center operations refer to the storage and access you have to company files. It is relevant that these files are protected in a secure location to preserve important information.  Among the IT management services solutions offered these days, this is one of the more critical ones because more business owners have started moving their business operations to the cloud.
  • Database administration is the overall management of the design, layout and implementation of the computer database. It requires an upkeep of the performance and modifications to ensure that everything is working at its best.  Most IT management services companies usually dedicate one or two highly skilled database engineers for this kind of IT need.
  • Desktop support refers to the technical support provided to users for their requests and inquiries such as repairs for software and hardware issues.  This is normally done in-house but IT management services firms offer this kind of solution remotely removing the need for additional “office real estate” that would be occupied by an in-house IT team with the occasional onsite visits for hardware or infrastructure concerns.
  • A disaster recovery service is the gathering and duplication of data at a secure remote location to ensure that no data is lost in case a disaster hits your main IT facility.
  • Help desk services is a 24/7 network support to make certain that no time is wasted when your people are working.  Resolutions are immediately applied at any time issues are encountered with just an email or a phone call.
  • A network operation is the supervision, monitoring and maintenance made for your servers and network.  This IT management services solution ensures proactive and preemptive network management to prevent downtimes during critical business hours.
  • SaaS/Hosted Applications – Software as a Service or SaaS is a hosted service accessed over the internet to be able to run the business in an affordable and hassle-free way.  A great example of this is Microsoft Office 365.
  • Web/e-commerce systems help improve and enhance your company’s online presence.

These services, all fall under the aegis of IT management services.  Each one of them addressing a specific need and helping a company’s workforce effectively fulfill their duties and responsibilities which in turn boosts productivity and efficiency.

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